April Hoverboard Sale

It’s the first day of April and what better way to celebrate than on a Hoverboard. This isn’t April fools, but we are offering 75% off Hoverboards for sale. The month of April is full of events and surprises. We’re only a few days away from Easter so we’ve decided to kick off our huge sale early! Over the Easter holidays we would like to encourage not just the younger audience but everyone into owning a safe and reliable Hoverboard to have fun with.

April Hoverboard Sale UK

A lot of people have fun doing pranks and jokes on the 1st of April. We on the other hand enjoy giving away the best Premium Hoverboards at better prices. As Easter is fast approaching, why not do your Easter Egg hunting on one of the many UK Hoverboards we have for sale? If you don’t yet own a Hoverboard then not to worry! We have the best in UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale to choose from. Place your order today and receive free next day delivery so that you’re right on time for your Easter egg hunt.

April Hoverboard Sale: Spring Season

April Hoverboard Sale 2019

We love seasonal sales. Spring is stretched over 3 months so we’re taking each month as it comes. Our March sale has just ended and what a better way to start a new sale than today! It’s April fools day, however, we’re not fooling anyone. We’re offering 75% off on all our premium quality Hoverboards for sale. Our deal of the week has expanded with amazing Disco Hoverboard bundles on sale.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. All of natures colours start to come back to life and our days last much longer. With less rain, more sun and longer days there’s no better time to buy a Hoverboard. We’re sure most of your friends already own a Hoverboard, so join in the fun! At HOVERBOARD PRO we’re doing our best to influence the British public into buying a Hoverboard and get out more. Due to our April Hoverboard Sale, we’re giving away up to 75% off our Premium range. You’d be crazy to purchase a Hoverboard for sale anywhere else.

We’re the UK’s #1 Hoverboard company specialising in Hoverboards made from UK design. As the most trustworthy Hoverboard specialist we are proud to sell Hoverboards that are safe to use. We take pride in our business and constantly rotate and introduce new deals and offers to keep you happy.

What Hoverboard Should I Buy?

What are UL Certified Hoverboards? UK Swegways Sale

One of the most frequently asked question by customers is “what Hoverboard do you recommend I buy?” The truth is that there is no correct answer. Every Hoverboard has its own personality. We have a retail store based in Leeds, West Yorkshire where customers can see our Hoverboards in action. Our specialists can discuss what Hoverboard is the most suitable for you or your child.

Unfortunately the Hoverboard industry is full of independent home-based sellers. Due to this, many of these so-called Hoverboard companies do not have a physical shop which customers can visit. at HOVERBOARD PRO, customers are welcome to visit our retail store and see the Hoverboards in action. So why not come in and have a look for yourself? These are the many reasons to why we’ve become the UK’s longest established and most reputable Hoverboard company in the UK.

During the April Hoverboard Sale, our DEAL OF THE WEEK offers come in not one but three different colours! The Disco Hoverboard Bundle is now cheaper than ever all while stocks last. Purchase a Red Disco Hoverboard Bundle, Blue Disco Hoverboard Bundle and Purple Disco Hoverboard Bundle for as little as £229.99! Each Hoverkart bundle comes with our Original Hoverkart and free carrier case. Furthermore, each order you place will include free next day delivery and 12 month warranty.

British Hoverboards

We are proud to sell the UK’s safest Hoverboards for sale. Made from UK Design, each Hoverboard is powered by genuine Samsung batteries. Our Hoverboard charger is UL Certified with BS1363 approved fused UK plugs.

Customer service is very important to us. We constantly strive to do our best in offering excellent support to those who need it. In doing so, we offer a 24-hour live chat service and 24 hour telephone support. Due to this, customers can contact a Hoverboard specialist at any given time if need be.

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