Hoverboards and Scooters: Global Market

The global Hoverboards and Scooters market results of 2018 provides an introduction to the UK and global market. It offers tips and trends that can help businesses like ours understand the market more. These results also help create strategies for Hoverboard and Scooter businesses to grow as much as possible. The research report on Hoverboards mainly focuses on the market size, growth and Hoverboard shares that make up the annual report.

Hoverboards and Scooters Global Market UK

A lot of the new up and coming Hoverboard companies are struggling with reliability, technological development and quality problems. However, this isn’t the case with more established Hoverboard companies such as HOVERBOARD PRO. This is due to the fact that HOVERBOARD PRO have been established since the trend first began. Many established Hoverboard and Scooter companies such as ourselves began when there was very little market competition. While this gave such companies the upper hand on the Hoverboard market today, it is now flooded with unregulated cheap Swegway sellers.

Recent studies show that from 2018 the global market of Hoverboards and Scooters has grown dramatically and is expected to keep growing until at least 2025. These Hoverboard and Scooter Market reports offer great information on the Hoverboard market. It offers a great source for up and coming Hoverboard companies.

In this article we highlight the main companies contributing to the Global Market of Hoverboards and Scooters, including HOVERBOARD PRO, Hovertrax, Bluefin and IO Hawk which all play a huge role in the foundation and promotion of the Global Hoverboard market.

Why is Hoverboards and Scooters Global Market Popular?

Hoverboards Scooters Global Market

There are many, many reasons why the Hoverboard is known around the globe. Beside the fact that the Hoverboard and Scooter is super-fun to ride, it also comes down to convenience, affordability and the low maintenance of owning a Hoverboard. There are more than a handful of benefits that you will gain when using a Hoverboard, too. The average commuter will constantly be slouching while driving their car, bike, motorbike or sat in public transport. Slouching has detrimental effects to your back and may even cause you problems later on in life.

The Hoverboards and Scooters Global Market as been so popular for many other reasons. Unlike a car, motorbike or any other vehicles for that matter, the Hoverboard runs on an electric motor and battery. This makes it the most eco-friendly alternative method of travel. The Hoverboard is the biggest example of how easy and convenient it could be to travel using zero-emissions.

We want more of the British public to go eco-friendly. Due to this, we’re offering up to 75% off our original Hoverboards for sale this Spring! In doing so, we hope to encourage you to take the big step to becoming 100% eco-friendly during your travels.

Hoverboards and Scooters Global Market UK

Hoverboard Market UK

The Global Market for Hoverboards and Scooters seem to be forever growing. In Europe alone, large cities such as London are debating whether or not to let Hoverboards and Electric Scooters become legal to ride on public roads. Europe is quite a congested place wherever you go. Hoverboards can be the best solution due to their small, light and compact nature. Bike lanes and pavements would allow the free movement Hoverboards resulting in less polluted vehicles congesting the streets.

Many celebrities have been seen using Hoverboards, consequently contributing to the growing Hoverboard Market in the UK. Celebrities are natural influencers. Therefore, such events often help push the stocks and demand of Hoverboards for sale in the UK and the global market.

Recently, the Mayor of London is pushing for the law on Hoverboards and Electric scooters to change. The law states that it is only legal to use a Hoverboard on private property and private parks. However, due to major issues concerning heavy traffic congestion in the City of London, the Mayor is attempting to push for eco-friendly transport alternatives such as Hoverboards and Electric Scooters on UK Roads.

Hoverboards are an extremely fun gadget! Their high-performance Samsung batteries only take two hours to fully charge. A full charge can last you anything between 1 to 3 hours depending on other variables. The length of time is dependent on the weight, speed, gradient and environmental factors of the rider.

At HOVERBOARD PRO we use genuine Samsung batteries to maximise the use of your Hoverboard. There are many fun things you can do on a Hoverboard. Did you know that you can convert your Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart? That’s right! The HoverKart converts your Hoverboard into a Go-Kart.

Hoverboards for the UK Market

All our Hoverboards for sale are bespoke designed for the UK Market. Safety is our primary goal during the development of our Hoverboards and Scooters for sale. You can do a bunch of tricks on your Hoverboard. People are seen on YouTube and other social media platforms performing hand stands and many other cool Hoverboard tricks.

Why don’t you show off all the cool tricks you can do with your friends? Just make sure you have safety equipment on whilst giving them a go! Our Hoverboards are safe to use. It takes the average child/teenager 10 minutes to become a pro’. The Hoverboard is relatively easy to use once you get the hang of it. This makes the Hoverboard adaptable for all ages. On valentines day an elderly couple were spotted using a Hoverboard. The husband was using a Hoverboard while pushing his wife on her wheelchair. This story is a testament to how easy Hoverboards are to use.

The Best Place to Buy Hoverboards


There aren’t many places you should even consider buying your Hoverboard from. However, HOVERBOARD PRO specialise in premium quality Hoverboards for sale made from British Design. We are the UK’s most trustworthy Hoverboard company.

We offer consistent discounts on Premium Swegways for sale in the form of weekly deals. Our Leeds based Hoverboard Store allows customers to come take a look at our Hoverboards for sale in person as well as online. If you wish to visit our Hoverboard shop in Leeds then we’re also honouring our prices in-store too!

HOVERBOARD PRO thrive on excellence, providing only the best quality Hoverboards for sale in the UK at affordable prices. All of our Hoverboards are powered by genuine Samsung batteries. Furthermore, our Hoverboard chargers are UL certified with BS1363 approved fused UK plugs.

We take great pride in good customer service. customers can call our 24-hour support line live chat service any time for help and guidance. No questions go unanswered!

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