Delivery on Hoverboards

Delivery on Hoverboards and Fast Food companies can go hand in hand. If Hoverboards become legalised on UK roads, delivering food on a Hoverboard would be so much easier, faster and cheaper than a car or bike. There would be no need to park or wait in traffic. Delivering food on a Hoverboard would save the drivers time and money in a lot of the main cities across the UK.

Delivery on Hoverboard UK

Delivering food in an eco-friendly way is one of the major changes for going eco-friendly in our towns and cities. With most of the fast food companies employing delivery drivers that own a car or motorbike they will also have the option to hire Electric Scooter and Hoverboard owners too. You do not need a licence or delivery insurance while using a Hoverboard to deliver food. The only catch is that they are not yet legal on UK Roads. However, for the sake of the advantages of delivering on Scooters and Hoverboards, we’re going to pretend for now that they are.

When using a car or motorbike to deliver food you need something called delivery insurance. If you get caught without this then the police can give you a hefty fine or even worse off your job taken away. Consequently, the delivery company you work for may also experience the same circumstance and get in-trouble. If the law on Hoverboards are changed, this may open up a whole new market for Hoverboards, Electric Scooters and other eco-friendly alternative methods of travel that not only keep us fit and healthy but allow delivery on Hoverboards to become better.

Hoverboard Sales At All Time High

Hoverboard Sales all time high

In the month of Spring Hoverboard sales are at an all time high and with the talk of legalising them on UK roads it has skyrocketed even further. The Mayor of London has recently been pushing for the Hoverboard and Electric Scooter to be allowed on UK roads and pavements arguing it will save time and money. Furthermore, these eco-friendly methods of transport also help the environment due to their zero-emissions. Spring is a great month to get out in the garden or about with friends at the park, so why not do that on a Hoverboard?

There are many reasons why the Hoverboard has become more popular lately. Recent studies show that there are health benefits of owning a Hoverboard. Hoverboards save you time, money and keep you in better shape than in comparison to driving or using public transport. With a Hoverboard there is no need for insurance, tax or using extra money on petrol or other fuels. This means that you will have a lot of money to save and use for other things – such as buying a Hoverkart add-on!

Hoverboards Help The Environment

Hoverboards good Environment

With a lot of the world pushing for eco-friendly vehicles and less polluted sky’s, Hoverboards will have a key role to play in the transaction of going from fuel powered to eco-friendly vehicles. Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t just a feel-good opportunity but is also great for the air we all breathe. Furthermore, it’s good practice for companies to go eco-friendly and will surely help boost their image. Can you imagine a world with no petrol or diesel fumes? surely one day it will happen with everyone pushing for the eco-friendly move to keep going.

Hoverboards Are a Low Maintenance Vehicle

Maintaining a vehicle is one of the most costly things about owning one. Hoverboards however are a low maintenance vehicle. This means that you’ll save all that extra money in your pocket by the end of every calendar year. Furthermore, Hoverboards do not run on fuel-powered motors, they are 100% battery-powered.  Therefore, no MOT checks are necessary, just basic care as per the guidelines of your user manual and you’re good to go.

Time To Go Electric With HOVERBOARD PRO


With The Mayor of London pushing for Hoverboards to be allowed on UK roads and pavements, we think it’s time to go electric and make your purchases ready for when it does happen.

If the law is changed on Hoverboards for sale, prices are likely to rise dramatically due to the increase in demand. As the UK’s #1 Hoverboard company selling the best in Hoverboards, we’re currently offering 75% off on all of our premium products for sale. Get ready and prepared for the wonderful Spring weather while they’re on offer!

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