Best Hoverboard For 8-year Old Child

It seems as though 8 is the golden age for budding Hoverboard riders! A frequently asked question is: what is the best Hoverboard for my 8-year-old child? In this article, we’ll briefly answer this question. We’ll also provide the best insight on Hoverboards that are best for your child this Christmas.

Best Hoverboard for 8-year old Child

Our Live Chat services are very helpful for customers needing immediate advice and guidance while searching through our Hoverboards for sale. However, more recently we’ve been getting many customers asking similar questions. Parents with kids between the age of 7 and 10 are asking us which Hoverboards are suitable for their child.

Since our answers are always the same, we think it’d only be best if we wrote an article to help others with similar questions. In short, Hoverboards are universally suitable for ALL ages. However, it all depends on the following:

  1. Weight of the rider
  2. The sensitivity of the gyroscopic sensors

Hoverboards predominantly come in three types of sizes:

  1. 6.5-inch Hoverboards
  2. 8.5-inch Hoverboards
  3. 10-inch Hoverboards

Each model has its own minimum weight requirement. Therefore, if you’re wondering which model is the best Hoverboard for your 8-year old child then you’d need to consider this.

6.5-inch Hoverboards for sale have a minimum weight requirement of just 25kg. However, 8.5-inch Hoverboards for sale have a minimum weight of 35kg. Furthermore, 10-inch Hoverboards for sale have a minimum weight of 45kg.

Due to this, it is very likely that the best Hoverboard for your 8-year olf child would be the 6.5-inch Disco Hoverboards for sale.

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Best Hoverboard For 8-year Old Child

As you can see in the video above, there are SOME exceptions to the rule! This baby rides a Hoverboard better than most of us. How is he doing this, you may ask?

Well, considering the minimum weight requirement, this shouldn’t be possible. However, thanks to our auto-levelling technology this can indeed happen! While the baby is able to hover around without activating the sensors due to his low weight, it can still balance.

Our auto-balance and auto-levelling technology mean that the gyroscopes become active from the moment you turn the Hoverboard on. Due to this, many riders who may not fit the minimum weight requirement can still partially enjoy it.

If you’re below the minimum weight requirement, however, not to worry! We still have the perfect solution for you.

Riders who weigh less than the requirements set for each model can still enjoy the Hoverboard with a Hoverkart Go-Kart attachment. Convert your Hoverboard into a Go-Kart and you’ll have the time of your life. Whip around the home or garden in this universally adaptable accessory.

Want to discuss anything else such as the best Hoverboard for your 8-year old child? Whatever the age or requirement, we’re here to help. Give us a call or use our Live Chat service at the bottom right-hand side of our website.

Why does the Hoverkart work for anyone?

To put it simply, the Hoverkart sits on top of the Hoverboard. Meanwhile, the handlebars replace your feet which are controlled using the handlebars. So as you push the handles up or down, the footpads become compressed and the gyroscopes activate.

Due to this, anyone can ride a Hoverkart regardless of age or weight. It’s now easy to make someone’s birthday or Christmas the unforgettable one thanks to the Hoverboard and Go-Kart bundle for sale!

Want more information about the best Hoverboard for your 8-year old child? If so, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!


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