Best Hoverboard UK Black Friday Deals TODAY

Black Friday is here! With over 50 Hoverboards on sale, we have the best Hoverboard UK Black Friday Deals going TODAY. Here are our greatest Hoverboards on offer…


Black Friday couldn’t come any time sooner for us. It’s a convenient time of year to be having the best deals especially due to many of us having to spend tonnes on Christmas shopping. At HOVERBOARD PRO, we’re making it possible to take advantage of the best Hoverboard UK Black Friday Deals with exclusive offers today only.

In this article, we’ll briefly highlight all the best Black Friday Hoverboard UK deals to take advantage of. However, customers are urged to make their purchases before we completely sell out!

Each year, we release some of the best Hoverboard deals during Black Friday. However, it doesn’t take long before our stock levels deplete and we sell out faster than we anticipate. Black Friday has only been on for a few hours and we’ve already run out of stock for certain Hoverboards. So hurry and grab yourself the best deals on the latest Hoverboards for sale to avoid any further disappointment.

Best Hoverboard UK Black Friday Deals


This Black Friday we bring you the best Hoverboard UK deals. Firstly, our Hoverboards are on sale at massively discounted prices. There is no place like HOVERBOARD-PRO to purchase the most reliable and safest premium Hoverboards for sale. Thanks to the latest Black Friday deals, customers can now buy our premium brand Hoverboards UK with up to 75% off our retail price. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a whopping deal this Christmas by taking advantage of our massive deals and offers TODAY.

This weekend we bring you the best offers on our Hoverboard UK bundles as well as our 6.5″ Hoverboards for sale. In the remainder of this article, we’ll provide you with instructions on how you can take advantage of our latest Black Friday deals and get the best out of your purchase.

6.5″ Hoverboard Deal: Free Silicone Skin

HOVERBOARDS UK with free clear silicon skin offer

As well as reducing our Hoverboard prices by up to 75%, we’ve got an even greater deal on our best 6.5″ Hoverboards for sale. For every Disco Hoverboard purchase, we’re giving away a FREE clear silicone skin!

Silicone skins are an amazing accessory to your 6.5″ Hoverboard. They’re designed to keep your Hoverboard looking sleek as it protects the device from scuffs and scrapes. Just like a mobile phone case, the silicone skin will wrap around your Hoverboard, providing a 360-degree protective layer.

Keep your Hoverboard looking pristine without covering the beautiful design thanks to our clear silicone skin. The clear see-through silicone over allows your beautiful designer Hoverboard to shine through the silicone cover while still maintaining the best protection for your Hoverboard.

Purchase a 6.5″ Disco Hoverboard TODAY and receive a FREE clear silicone skin worth £19.99 – on us!

Off-Road Hoverboards: Free PRO Kart UPGRADE!


If you’re after one of our Off-Road Hoverboards then you’re in for a treat! Our Hoverboard UK Black Friday deal offers customers with a FREE Pro Hoverkart upgrade at no extra cost. Simply purchase any of our 8.5″ Hoverboard Bundles or 10″ Hoverboard Bundles and we’ll automatically upgrade your original Hoverkart to a Pro Hoverkart TODAY.

The Pro Hoverkart is a premium Kart frame which is “one-up” from the original Hoverkart you would have otherwise received outside of our Black Friday Sale event. It features an upgraded bucket racing that is more robust and comfortable just like that on a real Go-Kart. Furthermore, the trolley wheel seen on the original Hoverkart is now replaced with a larger off-road pneumatic wheel on the Pro Kart.

Purchase an Off-Road Hoverboard Bundle TODAY and receive a FREE Pro Hoverkart upgrade worth £69.99 – on us!


There’s not much time left with stock levels running low. So purchase your favourite Hoverboard or bundle today to avoid disappointment!


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