Hoverboard Buying Guide UK: 2019 Edition

We offer this Hoverboard Buying Guide UK due to the fact that the Hoverboard is the latest gadget transforming the way people travel in the UK.

If you’re struggling to find the best Hoverboard for sale, then look no further. This is because our UK Hoverboard buying guide will cover everything you need to know before buying a Hover Board. In this article, we’ll cover every possible thing to do with buying a Hoverboard so that you can purchase the right Swegway.

Hoverboard Buying Guide UK

Before biting the bullet and buying a Hoverboard, you probably have several questions that need answering. These include:

And many more.

In this helpful Hoverboard Buying Guide, we will cover the A to Z about the Hoverboard. If at any point you need further information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on our 24/7 helpline, 0113 320 2299.

So without further delay, let’s get straight into providing you with the ultimate Hoverboard Buying Guide – UK edition.

Hoverboard Buying Guide UK: What is a Hoverboard?

You might be thinking that this a no-brainer of a question. However, most people are still unaware of what a Hoverboard is. This is especially the case when it comes to the technicalities of the Hoverboards.

The Hoverboard comes with several other names which describe the same device. This can also be known as a Self-Balancing Electric Scooter, Swegway or Segway.

The Hoverboard device consists of two wheel-motors on either side which operate silently. The wheel motors are powered by a battery which connected to the motherboard of the device. Due to the gyroscopic sensors, the rider can easily control the speed and direction of the Hoverboard by distributing their weight forward and back.

Today, the Hoverboard is the most advanced gadget which is often used to travel. However, since we’re in the UK, we do not advise riding them on public roads. For more information about where you can ride the Hoverboard, take a look at this article: Hoverboards UK Law.

Needless to say, the Hoverboard doesn’t actually hover. However, it does provide a hovering feeling which is an experience that one cannot forget!

Hoverboards have come a long way since they were invented in 2015. Today, they include additional features such as built-in Bluetooth speakers and Disco LED lights, to say the least.

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Are Hoverboards Safe? – Hoverboard Buying Guide UK

Are Hoverboards Safe Buying Guide

This section of the article offers a brief history of the Hoverboard and covers whether or not Hoverboards are safe to use.

Back in 2015, many Hoverboards in the UK were reporting safety hazards. We heard of homes being set on fire due to improper Hover Boards as well as other nasty events that took place during this period. This was predominantly due to the low-quality batteries, charging adaptors and PCB components.

Unfortunately, the UK Hoverboard market is filled with cheap quality Hoverboards that are dangerous to use. Cheap batteries are still being installed to cut costs which were the primary cause for fire hazards in the home. Many news reports cover stories similar to these from Hoverboards for sale by eBay, Amazon, Argos and the likes.

Consumer Protection agencies in the UK recommended that customers stop buying Hoverboards from unsolicited vendors or to return their Hovebroards due to safety fears. Major brands such as Argos, Currys and Costco offered hassle-free return policies in fear that theirs too may blow up.

Upon further research, it was found that the majority of such incidents occurred due to the cheap lithium-ion batteries used as well as the non-UK specification charging adaptors.

Safe Hoverboards UK

By the end of 2015, HOVERBOARD PRO announced itself as the first every UK Hoverboard company providing UK SAFE CERTIFIED Hoverboards for sale as well as UL 2272 certifications.

UL 2272 certifications for the Hoverboard required that each Swegway passes 150+ different types of testing to obtain approval. These tests include a short-circuit test, water testing, overcharging tests and many more.

Our UL2272 certifications across our entire all Hoverboard range guarantees 100% safety. Each Hoverboard undergoes strict independent testing phases to ensure safety and reliability standards are met with our UK Hoverboards.

When purchasing any Hoverboard online, we recommend that you check whether it is UL certified. It goes without saying that safety should be your number one priority when buying an electrical device, especially when for your kids.

Self-Balancing Scooter Buying Guide UK

Here is a quick Buying Guide for things you should consider before purchasing a Self-Balancing Scooter:

    Your safety is our priority. Hoverboards must be UL 2272 certified as this ensures that the quality of the Hoverboard is decent. When buying a Hoverboard always ensure that it has UL certification get the maximum benefit from your product.
    Generally, Hoverboards have a minimum weight requirement. This depends on which model you choose to go for. Take a look at this helpful guide for more information relating to weight limits.
  3. TYRES
    Consider which Hoverboard model tyre size is best for you. Different models have different wheel sizes.
  4. SPEED
    Hoverboards generally have a speed which varies between 4mph to 10mph. This depends on the surface and weight of the rider.
    Ensure that the battery is certified and safe. We use only genuine Samsung batteries.
    Ride with style and enjoy the music while riding your Hoverboard. Many Hoverboards have built-in Bluetooth speakers included.
    Most Hoverboards have LED lights which gives the Swegway an extra edge.

What Specification Does The Best Hoverboard Have?

When buying electrical products, we need to first consider the specification of the product that you’re buying. So without further delay, let’s begin our Hoverboard Buying Guide with the type of specifications you need to look at when buying a Swegway for the first time.

Hoverboard UL Certification:

UL Certified safe Swegway and Hoverboard

Safety always comes first when deciding to buy a Hoverboard.

The Hoverboard UL certification is an important aspect of ensuring your Hover Board is safe.

All Hover Boards must pass the UL certification benchmark of safety before claiming to be a UK safe Hoverboard. Unfortunately, not many Hoverboard companies are able to prove their certifications – so don’t just take their word for it.

Make sure that the Hoverboard is indeed UL2272 certified and that it contains the UL emblem at the bottom of the Swegway. This proves that several tests have been conducted to authenticate the reliability and safety of their product. With particular emphasis on the battery and charger.

The UL certification bodies are highly committed to providing safe and secure products to consumers. They do this by putting each product under analysis.

Hoverboard Weight

There are two types of weight considerations you need to know about before purchasing a Hoverboard. The first one is how much the product weighs and the other is how much weight the Hoverboard can actually take.

Many customers are concerned with the weight of the product. If the product is too heavy then they may not want to consider taking the board with them to places. Carrying the Hoverboard can be tiresome if it is heavy. Many riders want to travel with their Hoverboard and so need to be sure that they are able to withstand the weight of the board.

Secondly, how much weight a Hoverboard can take is a very important factor to consider. Most Hoverboards have a maximum weight ability of 120kg. However, what many need to consider too is the minimum weight requirement for each Hoverboard model. At HOVERBOARD PRO, these are the minimum weight requirements for each of our Hover Board models for sale:

UK Hoverboard Speed

We all want the fastest gadgets, do we not? This is why Hoverboard speed plays a vital role in choosing the best Hoverboard for sale. When buying a Hoverboard, customers should consider the speed that the Hoverboard can do so that they avoid disappointment.

Hoverboard speed is directly proportional to the wheel motors within the Hover Board as well as the wheel size and weight of the product. Hoverboards by HOVERBOARD PRO are designed for optimal performance.

The Best Hoverboards of 2019

Customers using Hoverkarts and Go Kart attachments often are able to ride at speeds far beyond that which are capable when standing. This is due to the additional support and confidence of being sat down at high speeds. When standing, we have a natural innate fear of falling off and so we tend not to exceed speeds that we are not comfortable with.

When looking for fast Hoverboards, consider this: Most people think that the larger the board, the faster it goes. This is to the contrary. Larger Hoverboards have larger wheels and also weigh more. Therefore, the larger the board the slower and more sluggish a Hoverboard can be.

Hoverboards which are small and agile, similar to the 6.5-inch Hover Board range can reach speeds of upo to 12 MPH!

Hoverboard Buying Guide UK: Hover Board Tyres

The most important part of the Hoverboard is the tyres. Without those, you won’t be able to go anywhere.

When buying a Hoverboard, customers must not neglect this part of the guide.

Self-balancing scooter wheels consist of inner and outer structures, both of which will be outlined below;

The inside of a Self-Balancing Scooter Wheel:

Within the internal section of the wheel are the motors. This contains several copper wires and magnets which drive the wheel motors in motion. Wheel motors can come in 250w, 350w and 400w. Which wheel motors are used can be a factor of speed and reliability of the Hoverboard.

The Outside of a Self-Balancing Scooter Wheel:

This is what you see from the outside without having to disassemble the wheel. You’ll notice that they have rubber tyres which are either solid or pneumatic. The size of the wheel will dictate the speed and agility of the Hoverboard.

Off Road Swegway Hoverboard UK All Terrain Sale

Hoverboard tyres vary depending on the model chosen. For example, our Hummer Hoverboards contain all-terrain style wheel treading for optimal performance.

UK Hoverboard Wheel Motors

Previously, Hoverboards were manufactured with a single motor. However, this proved to be unreliable and mostly unsafe due especially under heavy strain.

However, HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards contain dual motors with each being 350W. This, we believe, is the most reliable format to drive the Hover Board without damaging the motherboard, motors and batteries while maintaining optimal performance.

Hoverboard Buying Guide UK: Hover Board Battery

A Hoverboard battery is the lifeline of the Hoverboard. Without this, nothing can operate.

As previously discussed, it is very important that the Hoverboard battery is safe and reliable. We won’t dwell on this again as we have already discussed this at length. However, we want to highlight that many online sellers are selling cheap Hoverboards made from cheap batteries. For this reason, we ask that customers double-check the quality of each Hoverboard battery before buying a Hoverboard online.

Some batteries may be safe, however, are still unreliable. Some sellers choose to supply low-quality batteries or cells which are far less than what the Hoverboard can bear. This is why some Hover Boards survive for only a handful of charges. A Hoverboard battery with fewer cells can last half the time of a regular Hoverboard for sale.

Furthermore, a good quality Hoverboard charger is also a major factor in battery charge and performance.

Some batteries do not have the protection required to mitigate the possibility of overcharging. The worst ingredient possible is a faulty battery and a faulty charger. The cause of many house fires is that bad chargers can give a constant surge of electricity through to the battery with no cut-off, causing the batteries to combust.

Is There an App-Enabled Hoverboard?

Many Hoverboards for online are beginning to include an App feature. However, we specialise in UK Hoverboards for the UK Market. Due to this, we can only roll out a feature if it is 100% safe and reliable to use.

We do not provide an App feature for our Hoverboards. This is for the same reason that we do not provide key fobs either. We pride ourselves in offering 100% safe, UK tested and certified Hoverboards for sale. Therefore, we do not provide functionality unless it has proven to be 100% safe and tested for such. The App requires an add-on chip to the gyroscopes which has been noted to cause malfunctions to the board far too often. We also have noted that the App which would have otherwise been provided is not yet compatible for the UK in general; this is in terms of language, translation and compatibility etc.

Hoverboards UK with Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Samsung Banner

We all want to live the world in style and grace. So why not expand your style with greater grace by riding on a Self Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speakers?

When Hoverboards first came on the block, Bluetooth speakers didn’t exist. However, these days it is a feature that is in almost every Hoverboard for sale.

For many, Bluetooth Speakers is a major factor in deciding which Hoverboard to buy.

Connecting to the Bluetooth speaker is easy. It’s simply an open port that can instantly connect with your mobile phone or tablet device. The built-in Bluetooth speaker inside the Hoverboard will simply mirror your mobile or tablet device in the same way a conventional speaker will do.

What is the Fastest UK Hoverboard for Sale?

worlds fastest Hoverboard UK

We live in an era where everyone wants to live life in the fast lane. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many of those thinking of buying a Hoverboard are looking for the fastest Hoverboard for sale.

Speed and direction are dictated by the way in which the rider distributes their body weight. The more you slant to one direction, the faster it will go to the direction that you are slanting.

Previously, Hoverboards used to operate using unsafe components that were very fast. However, due to safety measures enforced in the UK, Hoverboard performance is now limited. This is for the safety of the rider and for that reason we applaud the enforcement.

Don’t worry, though! We have safer ways to ensure that our Hoverboards for sale are fast. Rather than enforcing greater speed from the motherboard component, we enforce this by providing better quality wheel motors, batteries and build-quality.

The fastest Hoverboard for sale is dependent on four things; wheel motor, tyres, the weight of the Hoverboard (and rider) and terrain. At HOVERBOARD PRO we have ensured optimal performance across all factors enabling the speed of the Hoverboard.

If the Hoverboard is too fast, what can you do?

While we have the fastest Hoverboard we can offer for sale, sometimes we need to slow it down. This is why our Hoverboards come with multi-speed settings that can be toggled. Ask our engineers to guide you with applying these speed modes if needed.

What Are The Cheapest Hoverboards UK?

Cheap Swegways Hoverboards for Sale

In the beginning, Hoverboards were on sale from £279.99 for the most basic model. At the time, these models didn’t even have Bluetooth speakers!

However, these days customers can purchase premium quality Hoverboards from as little as £179.99.

We understand that if you’re buying a Hoverboard on a budget, then cheap Hoverboards could be the one thing you search for. Unfortunately, the Hoverboard market is flooded with cheap knock-off Hoverboards for sale. Due to this, it’s easy to fall for a cheap Hoverboard that is likely to be dangerous to the rider.

Before buying the cheapest Hoverboards, please do your research. It is likely that you’re buying a Hoverboard for a loved one. If so, the last thing you want to do is put their safety at risk for the sake of buying the cheapest Hoverboard for sale.

Cheap Hoverboards can contain the following cheap components:

  • Cheap and dangerous Hoverboard batteries
  • Low-quality and unreliable PCB components
  • Bad quality and unreliable wheel motors

Recently, many online Hoverboard companies are manufacturing cheap Hover Boards with many features such as Bluetooth speakers. While this gives the product a luxury look it can likely cause you more problems within weeks of making your purchase.

For more information about how to identify a good Hoverboard company, check the following article: What Makes a Good Hoverboard Company?

If you’re looking at buying a cheap Hoverboard for kids then you need to ensure that they are SAFE TO USE.

For the best Hoverboard deals on cheap Hoverboards take a look here: Hoverboard Deals and Bundles by HOVERBOARD PRO

Which UK Hoverboard should I buy?

which Hoverboard is best for me UK Swegways

Don’t be in a rush when buying a Hoverboard. Be sure to dedicate some time to this helpful guide and you’ll thank us later. Alternatively, give our helpful Hoverboard specialists a call for the best advice and guidance before buying a Hoverboard.

We have previously written many articles on which Hoverboard you should buy. Take a look at some of these here:

For the purpose of this Hoverboard Buying Guide, let’s take you to some important points to consider before buying a Hover Board:

  • Be mindful when buying a Hoverboard from Amazon or eBay. Many of these sellers are unsolicited and are not selling genuine safe Hoverboards for sale.
  • The specification of your Hoverboard matters. Be sure to know what specifications are used as every company provides its own type of Hoverboard. They may all look similar to you but this is very far from the case.
  • Be sure that the Hoverboard is UL 2272 certified and that they have been tested independently here in the UK under all directives of safety.
  • Take into consideration the rider’s weight. You may want the largest board, but you need to be sure that your child is compatible with the boards minimum weight requirement.

UK Hoverboard for Kids

If you’re looking for a Hoverboard for kids then be sure that you are aware of the safety precautionary measures you need to undertake.

There are both safety requirements as well as age and weight requirement to consider when looking at buying the best Hoverboard for your kid. We have previously written many articles which can help you decide which is the best Hoverboard for kids. You can read a selection of them here:

Please note that not all Hoverboards are for kids. Some are heavy, fast and difficult to control while riding. Other Hoverboards may not be suitable for your child’s weight. We do not recommend buying a Hoverboard that your child is not heavy enough for. Doing this can cause juddering of the board which will ruin your child’s riding experience. It will also knock your child’s confidence.

If you’re looking for a safe Hoverboard for kid’s then we recommend sticking to the following guideline:

  • Hoverboard maximum speed should not exceed 8 to 10 mph.
  • The Hoverboard should be colourful and full of character with LED lights similar to the Disco Hoverboards.
  • Bluetooth speakers give an enjoyable ride for your kids and are something that children now always look for when wishing for a Hoverboard.
  • Be sure that the Hoverboard has safety certifications from a UK tester similar to the UL 2272 certification.
  • Our Self-balancing technology is a unique feature that HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards include in all their 2019 and 2020 Hoverboards for sale. This helps your child get on and off the board.
  • The ability to have different riding modes.
  • The preference of it being lightweight and easy to pick & carry.

Best Hoverboard Colours UK

Many kids looking for a Hoverboard are attracted to several unique designs and colours. Luckily for parents, HOVERBOARD PRO has the largest range of Hoverboards for sale to choose from. Our Designer Hoverboard range provides truly unique Hover Board designs that are sure to impress family and friends!

We have the largest range of Hoverboard colours and designs to choose from. Whether it is Chrome, Camouflage or other funky cool colours, we have them all. Take a look at our massive range of Hoverboards for sale exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO.

Also, check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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