Buying a Hoverboard UK from HOVERBOARD-PRO: What You Receive

Buying a Hoverboard UK from us assures you that you’re receiving a premium Hoverboard for sale. However, let’s also break down what else you’ll be receiving when buying a Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD-PRO.

Buying a Hoverboard UK SWEGWAY

A HOVERBOARD-PRO Hoverboard is known for its British design, reliability and safety. These are the key features that make us the UK’s most dependable premium brand Hoverboard company. However, while we often speak of the major factors which you’ll get when purchasing a Hoverboard UK from ourselves, we don’t touch on the minor things that matter, too.

The major factors that enable us to be the largest and most reliable Hoverboard seller in the country include:

  • Hoverboards UK, from British design
  • 100% UK Based and All Hoverboards are from UK Stock
  • Fully safe certified in England, under all British directives of safety
  • 24/7 customer service and Live Chat support
  • 12-month warranty
  • Free next-day delivery

However, this article is not about the above. It’s more about the little things we don’t notice so easy and are often overlooked – but just as important.

Buying a Hoverboard UK

Why buy from HOVERBOARD-PRO Hoverboards UK

In this article, we will outline some of the things about us that are not often spoken about. These are the things that also add quality to our product if buying a Hoverboard UK from ourselves. These include:

  • We’re the longest established Hoverboard UK company
  • We are backed by an incredible team of experienced Hoverboard professionals
  • HOVERBOARD-PRO lives and breathes everything Hoverboard related
  • A passionate Hoverboard UK company
  • Here for the long run and most important here for you!

So let’s get begin! Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll get to know us a little bit better…

Established Hoverboard Company

Official Hoverboard UK Shop

When buying a Hoverboard UK, you may have noticed an influx of new Hoverboard sellers online. However, HOVERBOARD-PRO is an established Hoverboard company which is the longest-running Hoverboard company in the UK.

HOVERBOARD-PRO began since the existence of the Hoverboard. We established ourselves purely for the sake of providing UK consumers with safe and reliable Hoverboards from UK stock. Back when Hoverboards were causing safety concerns, we were the first company in the UK to offer a CE marked Hoverboard for sale.

It was at this point that we gained popularity as the only company to offer a safe-haven for Hoverboard consumers in the UK.

fast-forward 5 years and HOVERBOARD-PRO is now the largest independent retailer of premium brand Hoverboards for sale.

Experienced Hoverboard Professionals

Experienced Hoverboard Professionals

Buying a Hoverboard UK from a reputable source is vital to ensure that you’re buying a decent Swegway. Those companies who sell cheap Hoverboards which are built from inferior components can be putting you and your loved ones at risk. Many companies choose to reduce their costs at the expense of the quality, reliability and safety of the Hoverboard. That way, they can attract consumers due to their lower prices.

However, as experienced Hoverboard professionals, we have a duty of care to guarantee the safety and reliability of our Hoverboards. It due to our experience and professionalism that we can design and build the best Hoverboards in industry.

We know all about Hoverboards. Every member of the HOVERBOARD-PRO HOVERBOARD UK team has over 5 years of Hoverboard experience. We’re probably the most experienced group of people you’ll ever come across when it comes to buying a Hoverboard UK.

Our experienced Hoverboard Professionals will help guide you through choosing the best Hoverboard for you or your child. We’ll outline the pros and cons of each Hoverboard model and suggest the most suitable one based on your circumstances. For example, take a look at this article: Which Hoverboard Should I Buy?

Passionate Hoverboard UK Company

So you’re thinking of buying a Hoverboard UK. You’ve looked online and noticed the minefield of companies selling what seems to be the same thing. Well believe it or not this isn’t the case. Each Hoverboard is different and each Swegway will contain different components, PCB’s, wheel motors, batteries – and more – depending on the seller. Of course, the lower the quality of the parts, the cheaper the cost to make and therefore the more profit margins the seller can make from your purchase.

However, HOVERBOARD-PRO HOVERBOARD UK is one of the very few passionate Hoverboard UK companies to eradicate this mentality. We’re passionate about what we do. Understanding the concept of good quality, British products, we don’t simply drop-ship our Hoverboards to you. We wholly design our boards under UK specification and bespoke build them just for you.

We’re passionate about getting it right every step of the way. From the design through to the sales and service of our company. This is what makes buying a Hoverboard UK from HOVERBOARD PRO different.

Here for you and for a long time, too!

Hoverboard UK established 5 years swegway-pro

For 5 years now, HOVERBOARD-PRO HOVERBOARD UK has been offering the best in Hoverboards for sale. It has been 5 years since we established our company, making us the longest established Swegway company in the UK.

We started from humble beginnings in a medium-sized office based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Fast-forward 5 whole years and our company are now one of the largest Hoverboard sellers in the country.

Our age tells a story in itself. 5 years of happy customers, research and developing our products and refining our services. It’s not just the age that matters, but what we have been doing for this long and where we intend to go for the next years ahead.

Take a look at our excellent Hoverboard UK reviews dating back to 2015. It is our drive and our passion that allows us to be who we are. And of course, our loyal and happy customers, too!

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our company and what makes buying a Hoverboard UK from us that much better. If you have any further queries or wish to discuss something with our professional team, then please get in touch. You can contact our 24/7 live chat service at the bottom right side of this page or call 0113 320 2299.


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