Can anyone ride a Hoverboard?

Can anyone ride a Hoverboard? This is dependent on the type of Hoverboards that you purchase. It also depends on whether or not you use a Hoverkart. In this article, we will highlight how anyone can ride a Hoverboard and what makes one rider more capable than the other.

Can anyone ride Hoverboard UK

Generally, Hoverboards have a minimum weight requirement. This weight is dependent on the Hoverboard model. Therefore, when customers are wondering which Hoverboard is best for their kids, we often ask them what their weight is. Here is a breakdown of the individual weigh requirements for each model:

Each of the above models requires a minimum weight in order for the gyroscopes to activate. Therefore, if users who weigh below the recommended weight attempt to use the Hoverboard then they may experience juddering and vibrating. This will surely cause the rider to lose balance, often knocking their confidence and diminish any enjoyment out of the Swegway.

So whilst anyone can ride a Hoverboard, it is important to identify which Hoverboard is more suitable. Having said this, some riders who weigh below the recommended weight are still able to enjoy the Hoverboard. How? you may ask. In this article, we will highlight other ways that riders who weigh below the recommended weight can still enjoy the Hoverboard.

So Can Anyone Ride a Hoverboard?

so can anyone ride a HOVERBOARD

Anyone can ride a Hoverboard. It takes the average child no more than 10-minutes for them to get the hang of it. Soon enough, they’ll be whizzing around the house or in the park having the time of their life. However, as you know there are weight requirements between each model. So what about those who weigh less than 25kg? We have a solution!

If you are below 25kg then all hope is not lost. Did you know that with a Hoverkart anyone can ride a Hoverboard? That’s right. Due to the nature of the way Hoverkarts work, anyone can ride a Hoverboard. Instead of using the individual’s weight to activate the gyroscopes, instead, the gyroscopes are activates using the handlebars.

So if you have kids who are too young to ride Hoverboards conventionally, then perhaps you may want to consider purchasing one of our amazing Hoverboard and Hoverkart bundles for sale.

Convert your Hoverboard into a Go-Kart and enjoy the ride of your life with our popular Hoverkart bundles. With FREE next day delivery and 1-year warranty, you’d be sure to get the best Hoverboards for sale at our lowest prices.

So can anyone ride a Hoverboard? YES!


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