The Black Friday Cyber Monday Hoverboard Sale ends today! Hurry and grab yourself the best Hoverboard UK deals at the lowest ever prices TODAY ONLY.


Over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale event we released some amazing deals on the best Hoverboards for sale. However, these deals are due to end TODAY MIDNIGHT. Therefore, we’re urging customers buying a Hoverboard for Christmas to take advantage of our BIG Black Friday Cyber Monday Hoverboard sale TODAY.

At midnight, our amazing Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday Sale event will come to an end. This includes:

At HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards UK we have the largest range of HOVERBOARD UK designs and models available. However, no matter how much we stock we always sell out of our most popular Hoverboard designs and colours.

It’s a race against time today. Our Black Friday Cyber Monday Hoverboard sale event coming to an end at MIDNIGHT tonight. Get your children the Christmas gift they’ve always wanted with our premium brand Hoverboards for sale.

If you’re not sure what to get your child, then take a look at our helpful article ‘which Hoverboard should I buy‘ or use our Live Chat support below. We’re here to make sure that our customers make the right choice.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Hoverboard Sale


Our Black Friday Cyber Monday Hoverboard sale is coming to a close. Therefore, we recommend that customers make the most out of the last Hoverboard sale before Christmas.

As we edge closer towards Christmas, we’ll experience heavily depleted stock and a rise in Hoverboard prices in consequence of this. However, all is not missed as we are giving you our best Black Friday Cyber Monday Hoverboard deals until midnight.

Customers can take advantage of our best Hoverboard deals NOW while it is still possible. While we may not be the cheapest Hoverboard company on the internet, we can confidently say that we have the best and most reliable Hoverboards in the UK.

Our Hoverboards each come from British design and UK specification. Taking advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hoverboard sales allows customers to purchase our premium Hoverboards at our lowest ever prices.

At this time of year, there are many companies that conveniently pop-up during Christmas time to only then disappear immediately after. These are the same companies who are appearing at the top of the “Google Ad” campaigns with super-low cheap Hoverboards for sale. Such companies have a total disregard to the UK consumer and are drop-shipping the Hoverboard directly to the consumer without any care or attention to their safety.

In this next section, we will outline why you should take advantage of our Black Friday Cyber Monday Hoverboard deals and not go anywhere else.

Best Hoverboard Company

Official Hoverboard UK Flagship Store

When looking at buying a HOVERBOARD UK for sale online, you’ll have noticed the many companies. This wasn’t the case over the year but seems to be a common trend between September to December. Many of these companies are better known by us as “come by day, gone by night” companies. This is due to their habit of appearing during the Christmas sales period to only disappear immediately afterwards.

These same companies are selling cheap knock-off Hoverboards at very cheap prices. While cheap prices may initially attract customers, it is being sold at the expense of the consumer. These Hoverboards are built using cheap inferior components that are either dangerous to use or at the very least unreliable.

It’s the final few hours of our Black Friday Cyber Monday Hoverboard sale. We’re allowing customers to purchase premium Hoverboards for sale at prices far cheaper than our original prices.

When you’re buying a Hoverboard for your son or daughter, safety should be your number one priority. There is no price you would ever put on the safety of your child – we know this. This is why we refuse to undersell our product at the expense of safety and reliability.

Our strict processes ensure 100% reliability and safety throughout our entire Hoverboard UK range. Purchase a premium Hoverboard made from British design and UK specification exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO.


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