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At HOVERBOARD PRO we strive to provide consistent Hoverboard Deals and Bundles to keep customers happy. Our Big Spring Hoverboard Sale is now on! Grab a Hoverboard today with up to 75% off on all of our Hoverboards for sale.

Hoverboard Deals Bundles UK Swegways Sale

In addition to our Spring Sale, we are introducing the best of Hoverboards with our Deal of the week offers. This week we bring you a selection of amazing Hoverboard and Hoverkart Bundles from as little as £219.99! Enjoy twice the fun on your Hoverboard at a fraction of the cost.

Our current deal of the week Hoverboard deals and bundles consist of not one but three variety of Hoverboards for sale!

The above range of Hoverboard Deals and Bundles are on offer for a limited time only! So grab yourself an amazing deal this week only at HOVERBOARD PRO. The UK’s #1 Hoverboard Shop for Premium quality Swegway for sale.

What is a Hoverkart?

What is a Hoverkart Hoverboard Sale UK

A Hoverkart is a great way to enjoy your Hoverboard to its maximum potential. The Hoverkart is something you can attach to your Hoverboard, converting the Swegway into a Go-Kart. This amazing accessory has been featured on ITV’s ThisMorning show and has been gaining popularity since. While the Hoverkart converts your Swegway into a Go-Kart, it is completely safe to use. Instead of standing and using your balance as usual, riders will instead sit down and control the direction and speed using only the handlebars. This makes it even more popular for those who are unable to balance on their Hoverboards yet or are under the required weight limit.

The Hoverkart provides two handles; one for your right hand, one for your left hand. These handles are your navigation tools. You simply push to go forward pull to go back and left and right to turn.

Our April Hoverboard deals and bundles on sale is a great way to get ready for the Easter holidays. We’re sure your kids would love to ride on their Hoverboard and Karts over the Easter break. So why not get them a premium Hoverboard for sale by HOVERBOARD PRO? Take advantage of our 75% off Hoverboard sale today and help yourself save time and money.

Want more information about our Hoverkarts for sale? if so please get in touch by calling our 24/7 customer support on 0113 320 2299.

HOVERBOARD DEAL: Red Disco Swegway

HOVERBOARDS UK Hoverkart deal SALE Red

Our Red Disco Hoverboard is one of three Hoverboards currently on sale during our deal of the week event. The Red Disco Hoverboard Bundle comes with our very own Swegway carrier bag and Hoverkart. This special Hoverboard Deal will help you save up to £50 on your purchase. The Red Hoverboard Bundle is a bold choice of colour. This is your chance to stand out and make a statement amongst friends and family.

With Bluetooth Speakers and flashing RGB LED lights, this Hoverboard has everything you ever wish for in a 2-wheeled Self Balancing Scooter.

HOVERBOARD BUNDLE: Purple Disco Swegway

HOVERBOARDS UK Hoverkart deal SALE Purple

Grab yourself a Purple Disco Hoverboard Bundle and be the coolest kid in the park. With the Purple Disco Hoverboard Bundle on sale this week, you’ll surely catch some eyes with the vibrant colour of purple. The Purple Hoverboard is one of the most popular Hoverboards for sale so grab yourself an excellent deal while stocks last.

The Purple Hoverboard is our most exciting colour. Grab the opportunity to purchase the bundle at a fraction fo the cost during our big Hoverboard Bundles sale. With built-in Bluetooth speakers and Disco lights, you’d be mad to miss out on this excellent deal. Purchase a premium Hoverboard today exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO and receive free next day delivery and 12 month warranty.

HOVERBOARD DEAL: Blue Disco Swegway


Our Blue Hoverboard Bundle is the fastest seller for the very fact that Blue is a colour loved by all. Our Blue Hoverboards sell very quickly so we don’t imagine having this offer for very long! Take advantage of our Hoverboard Deals by HOVERBOARD PRO for a chance to buy a Blue Hoverboard Bundle at a fraction of our original price.

With free next day delivery, 12 month Hoverboard warranty and 24/7 customer service, customers are not only purchasing a premium Hoverboard. Buying from HOVERBOARD PRO guarantees that your Swegway is made from British design and is safe to use. Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-off Hoverboards for sale online. Buy from a good Hoverboard company for extra peace of mind.

Where Can I Buy Hoverboard Deals and Bundles?

Hoverboard Deals and Bundles UK Swegways Sale

Wondering where you can get the best Hoverboard Deals and Bundles? Most Hoverboard companies have Bundle deals but none are like ours. HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK #1 Hoverboard company. We provide premium Hoverboards for sale from UK stock and British design.

We take strong pride in our Hoverboards from the ground up. All our affordable Hoverboards for sale are certified independently under all British directives of safety. Therefore, we can guarantee that our Hoverboards are safe to use due to the very fact that our Swegways are bespoke designed for the UK customer. Each Hoverboard for sale is powered by genuine Samsung batteries. Furthermore, our Hoverboard chargers are UL certified with BS1363 approved fused UK plugs.

Providing excellent customer service is mandatory, of course. At HOVERBOARD PRO we do our very best to build and maintain the standards we have already set ourselves. As part of our commitment to provide the best customer service in the industry, our telephone and live chat services are available 24/7. This means that customers can contact us at any given moment should you have any queries or need advice and guidance.

Want more information about our excellent Hoverboard deals and bundles by HOVERBOARD PRO? if so, please get in touch.



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