Learn how to HOVERBOARD in Minutes!

Learn how to Hoverboard in minutes with this helpful video from YouTube Nick Venice. Not sure how to get started? If so, take a look at this helpful guide.

Learn how to HOVERBOARD in Minutes UK

Many customers ask how easy is it to ride a Hoverboard for the first time? Surprisingly to some the answer to the question is very easy!

It takes the average child no longer than ten minutes to get the hand of riding a Hoverboard. So if you’re a little worried that your son or daughter may not get it so easily, don’t be.

In this short article we show you a video uploaded by Nick Venice offering some helpful tips so that you can learn how to Hoverboard in minutes.

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Learn How to Hoverboard in Minutes

In the video titles “Learn how to Hoverboard in Minutes!!!” the blogger shows some easy step by step instructions to follow. This will surely help a new Swegway user learn how to ride a Hoverboard.

The Hoverboard riding tips go as follows:

  1. For beginners try starting on grass (or carpet)
  2. Step on the Hoverboard one foot at a time
  3. If you have issues stabilising yourself, try pressing your feet against the outer edge of the Swegway
  4. Make sure you have someone or something to hold on to
  5. Step off the Hoverboard backwards not forwards
  6. Tilt both your feet forward to go straight and tilt them back to go backwards
  7. Slightly tilt your right foot to turn left, and your left foot to turn right
  8. You can get through tighter spaces by moving the Hoverboard back and forth
  9. Try not to freak out when getting on for the first time – confidence is key!
  10. Just have fun with it for a few minutes and you’ll be able to master it

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