Customer Review - Why I Love My Hoverboard

Customer Review: Why I Love My Hoverboard

Below is a customer review sent to us by our amazing 9-year old client, Timothy. Please note that we have not edited this post – but rather left it as received – because we love it just the way it is.

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Customer Review - why I love my Swegway

Why I love my Hoverboard

“When hoverboards came out in 2015, it was a revelation to the world. If you’re someone who likes strolling around private parks like I do, or enjoying some time in the garden but do not like running or walking for that instance, a Swegway is all you need.

I had always dreamed of having one ever since they came out. I saved my money until I could finally buy a hoverboard on my own and when I saw that I could get one with a 12-month warranty attached with it, I did not think any further. And, I am glad to announce that I am totally in love with the new Swegway that was bought from

First of all, it was delivered to me the next day which in itself is quite uplifting because I don’t like to wait around. And, not having to pay any delivery charges is very pleasing as well. I am also very glad to announce that the product is 100% genuine and the material it is been made of feels very sturdy. I bought the one with the 10-inch wheel base since I am pretty comfortable using the Hoverboard and do not feel the need to hold back. A few extra pounds can mean a whole lot of difference experience wise.

The best part about the Swegway that I bought is that it charges fully within a couple of hours thanks to the original Samsung batteries, I assume. I went to a maximum speed of 12 until now using an app to test although the site states that it can go up to 15. I would definitely try it out on the cemented footpath with lesser bumps to check this statement. Apart from that, it works really well on almost all types of suburban surfaces. It can go over bumps and also operates smoothly on grass surfaces.

If you’re a hoverboard lover, I would definitely recommend you to try one out!”



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