Electric Scooters May be Allowed on UK Roads

In a generation where everything involves technology, Electric scooters are under debate in the UK today at to whether they’re to be allowed on UK roads. Due to this, the government are reviewing the age-old law dating back to the 1800’s.

Electric Scooters May be Allowed on UK Roads Hoverboards UK

However, in today’s generation we live in and the younger audience that this new law targets, its proving a little outdated. At most, electric scooters can help with pollution levels and benefit global warming and the saving of natural resources.

A substantial amount of new drivers and learners may start to use electric scooters and Hoverboards if this new law is put under action. The Hoverboard is also something the government may look in to. Let alone the fact that you can now also purchase training handles for the Hoverboard and use them in a similar way to electric scooters. Hoverboards are a more cost-effective means of travel. They are also easy to bring with you due to their lightweight nature and size.

Furthermore, Electric scooters and Hoverboards are now legal in many parts of Europe including the United States. Hoverboards are proving to have many benefits to health and those who commute. Some electric scooters and Hoverboards can exceed speeds of over 15 mph. However, this could be a problem with irresponsible individuals. You can easily mitigate this issue if the new law is passed by capping the electric scooters with speed limit restrictions.

Should Electric Scooters be legal on UK roads?

Why should Electric Scooters be allowed on UK roads

Electric scooters may also be legal on UK roads for the very fact that they do not pose any harmful gasses, smoke and fumes into the air. This is a primary cause for global warming. With so many cars, busses, bikes and lorries on the roads feeding intoxicated fumes into the atmosphere, electric scooters are a big factor to the dramatic change in pollution levels.

Electric Scooters will change the way people commute to work in a faster and healthier environment. Regular commuters often slouch on a bus, train, car or even a bicycles effecting the spine later on in life.

Good posture is a must for staying fit and healthy for your life. By legalising the use of Electric Scooter on UK roads it can open up the potential for many riders to start using one for this very reason.

Legalising the Electric Scooters on UK Roads may also bring a wide number of tourists not just in London but throughout the UK. Electric Scooter events and excursions similar to SEGWAY may kick off and possibly open the doors for a lot more job prospects. This is due to the wave of demand for Electric Scooters in consequence of Electric Scooters being allowed on UK Roads.

Will Hoverboards be legal on UK roads?

Will Hoverboards be legal on UK roads

In due course, Hoverboards may also be legal on UK roads. This is due to the fact that they have similar or even less risks attached to them as with Electric Scooters.

Hoverboards are a more cost-effective means of travel. You can also purchase Scooter style training handles for a safer ride. Therefore, the Hoverboard may be taken into consideration when discussing the legalisation of electric scooters on UK roads.

Hoverboards pose great health benefits and can help people stay healthy and in shape. You can burn up to 300 calories in a 30 minute adventure while using the Hoverboard. Riding Hoverboards can also improve posture and balance, giving you a healthier body without doing much more!


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