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Fancy Having a Hoverboard Party? Here’s some ideas!

Thinking of having a Hoverboard Party? if so, then take a look at some of our inspiring ideas to help entertain you and your guests at any party event.

Hoverboard Party ideas UK Hoverboards

It is fair to say that this summer has been pretty decent when it comes to sports. Aside from England’s great performance the 2018 World Cup tournament has kept us entertained for the past month, whilst the tennis at Wimbledon also served up a bit of a treat for us all. Furthermore, we’ve been lucky to have some record-breaking summer days too!

Here at HOVERBOARD PRO, we don’t want to pass up on the opportunity to carry the spirit on further. We want the spirit of sports and entertainment to continue with us by adding our own little spin onto the sports. So, what we have done is come up with a few activity ideas that you could get involved in on a bit of an open space, whether it be with the family or with a few friends around a barbecue.

In this article we have devised some innovative ways to enjoy your Hoverboard party. So, whatever the occasion may be, take a look at this inspirational ideas below:

Tennis Keepy Ups

This is a simple, yet effective Hoverboard party activity that can get everyone involved. (Provided that you own a tennis racket and tennis ball of course!). The object of the activity is to simply stand on a Hoverboard and complete as many keepy ups using your racket and ball as possible. The individual who completes as many tennis ups as they can, wins!

The activity is highly simple, yet effective. It could also work in teams! Instead of completing the tennis ups by yourself, stand opposite a partner and hit the ball back and forth. Again, the winner would be the pair that completes the most keepy ups with the tennis ball.

Hoverboard Relay

The Hoverboard Relay would require minimal amounts of equipment, but provides maximum levels of excitement for anyone that is taking part in the activity. Simply put, members would be split into groups and would be required to complete a particular course before the other team. First team to have completed the relay will of course win!

*We do need to emphasise however that if you were to complete this course, keep long straights within the course to a minimum. This will help reduce the possibility of injuries occurring; something that we definitely don’t want to promote!

Hoverboard Rounders

There’s nothing better in mind to spice up your Hoverboard Party than to incorporate a good old game of rounders! In its simplest form, the batting team would have to use a Hoverboard, whilst the fielding team wouldn’t have to. Once you have hit the ball, you will have to run from base to base, staying on the Hoverboard when you are holding station between bases. This would of course be better in an open field, with a bit more space to spread out and have a decent game.

Hoverboard Party ideas

Hoverboard Party ideas UK

These are just a few of the Hoverboard Party ideas and activities that we have thought of at HOVERBOARD PRO. There is an endless list of activities that you could also get involved in when using a Hoverboard. All that we ask of you is to be responsible!

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