How to fix a Hoverboard

How to fix a HOVERBOARD

So you have purchased a Hoverboard and it’s not quite working as it should? See below our useful step-by-step guide on how to fix a Hoverboard. The following will not guarantee a repair but will likely help with the most common faults. If you are unable to fix your issues you can contact our Repair Centre or book a Hoverboard repair online.

How to fix a Hoverboard

Find below a list of our most common issues, how to fix them and when to call us for more help.

  • Hoverboard Shudders or Vibrates 

The first thing to try in this case is recalibration. Due to the nature of the product, Hoverboards do need recalibrating especially if crashed or ridden on rough terrain. It simply means the gyroscopes are not level, which can cause an uneven movement on each side causing vibrations.

Recalibration can be done at home:

1. Lay the board level on your lap with your legs bent 90 degrees and the foot pads pointed upwards towards the ceiling. Make sure the board is off.

2. Ensure the board is completely level using either a spirit level or by eye. You can line up the casing grooves on each section of the Hoverboard, which is usually very accurate. Ensure the Swegway is parallel with the floor as if it is tipped forwards or backwards, it will reset to this position as though this is level.

3. Hold the on button. The lights at the front and on the top of the board will flash 5 times in quick succession. Continue to hold until there is a 6th flash which will be a couple of seconds after the 5th flash. After this 6th flash turn the board off and then back on.

This should have re-calibrated the board into the position it was held.

If calibration does not work, this can be a common problem if the Swegway has water, mud or dirt particles under the foot pads which are blocking the sensors. This can mean the Sensors are being activated by internal foreign bodies even when you’ve dismounted. If the Hoverboard has been ridden on muddy or dirty terrain this is the most probable cause. It will need to be returned to us for a service.

For more information on how to fix a Hoverboard please give us a call on 0113 320 2299. Our specialist engineers are ready to answer your call 24/7.

How to fix a Hoverboard

There are other common faults with Swegways. In the next section of how to fix a Hoverboard, we’ll highlight some other common causes and remedies:

  • Hoverboard Does not Appear Level

If a Hoverboard has rolled or crashed in any way it can knock it off-centre. The most common troubles we see are footpads that point towards the floor and are no longer level. See above the instructions for recalibration which will return the board to a level-position.

  • The Hoverboard will not Charge

It is very important that care is taken to align the groove on the charging port and the groove on the charger before insertion. There are 3-pins on the charger and 3-pins in the port. Matching up the outdent on the port with the indent in the charger will ensure safe insertion of the charger and avoid breakages.

Please do not force the charger into the port without aligning the grooves. Scratch marks around the charger lead is indication of the charger not being aligned properly with the port.

Please take care to charge classic Swegways and Hoverboards standing up so that the board does not roll over on the top of the charger and cause it to weaken, snap or break.

Would you like more information on how to fix a Hoverboard? If so, please get in touch by calling 0113 320 2299. If you’re having trouble with your Swegway and would like a repair then please fill in our Hoverboard Repair form here.


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