HOVERBOARD PRO: The New Face of The Original Hoverboard UK

SWEGWAY PRO has now evolved into its latest brand HOVERBOARD PRO. This is due to our ongoing commitment to improving our products and services nationwide. Established in 2015, we’ve become the largest independent official retailer of the original Hoverboard UK.


For the best part of 6 years, HOVERBOARD PRO has consistently been providing UK consumers with the best Hoverboards for sale online and in-store. From design, production, certification and Hoverboard repairs.

It is our commitment, as the UK’s most established Hoverboard company to continue our great quality of services to our customers. For this reason, we have decided to carry on this latest evolution phase of our business.

SWEGWAY PRO is now to be renamed as HOVERBOARD PRO. In this article, we will expand on the reasons for this move and what we have in store for our customers wishing to purchase a safe and reliable Hoverboard UK.



As the longest established Hoverboard company in the UK, we know too well about the history of the Swegway Hoverboard market. Back in 2015 when Hoverboards first came appeared on the UK shelves, consumers worldwide referred to the two-wheel self-balancing scooter as the SWEGWAY. It is due to this that we derived our name as HOVERBOARD PRO, allowing consumers to easily identify our products through our established brand name.

However, as consumer markets and perceptions of the product shifts, many people worldwide began to refer to the Swegway as HOVERBOARD. Over the last few years, more and more consumers in the UK are now referring to the device as a Hoverboard. Therefore, we found that while we have established a strong brand and reputation within our industry, it is now time to evolve our brand to that which is more recognisable to consumers in the UK.

We are super excited to announce HOVERBOARD PRO as the face of our new Hoverboard brand. This strategic move allows consumers to easily identify our business when searching for the most popular gadget in the UK.

So What happens to SWEGWAY PRO?


In short, nothing. HOVERBOARD PRO is just a new face of the most established and reputable Hoverboard company in the UK. If you are a previous customer, then nothing changes. Your premium Hoverboard warranty is still in-tact and our services are only improving.

For new customers, however, we feel excited to continue our commitment to providing a service like no other Hoverboard seller in the UK. From Hoverboards made from British design and UK certification through to UK Hoverboard repairs.

We’re extremely excited to use our new name HOVERBOARD PRO and hope that this move allows consumers to better identify us as the UK leading Hoverboard provider.

Each HOVERBOARD PRO Swegway comes with the latest 2020 technology, as well as our premium services. This includes 12-month warranty, next day Hoverboard delivery, 24/7 customer support and lots more.

Take a look at our latest Hoverboards for sale and bag yourself the most reliable safe Hoverboard Pro in the UK today!


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