Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology

Introducing the Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology. What are they and what makes these Swegways any different to the standard Hoverboard? In this article, we will outline some of the key differences between this new 2019 Hoverboard technology and its previous model.

Hoverboards Auto-levelling Technology

Hoverboards all auto-level themselves. However, the point in which this phenomenon takes place has since changed due to our latest 2019 Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology.

Previously, Hoverboards will level themselves as soon as the rider stands on the pads, applying pressure to the gyroscopes. Consequently, the gyroscopes will then activate, causing the Hoverboard to self-level. It is then up to the rider to remain steadily balanced and maintain posture. The direction of the Hoverboard is then dictated by the way in which the rider distributes their body weight. This is where the fun begins!

However, our latest Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology brings you the latest in auto-level. Our newest Hoverboards for sale include 2019 PCB’s which make getting on and off your Hoverboard even easier.

Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology now means that your Hoverboard will self-level as soon as you turn the Hoverboard on. The gyroscopes instantly activate by themselves without the need to apply any pressure on the pads. Due to this, the Hoverboard self-levels allowing the rider to get on and off their Swegways with greater ease.

Hoverboards Auto-Levelling Technology

Hoverboards with Auto-levelling Technology

By purchasing our latest  Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology, you’re getting the best Hoverboard of 2019. With the latest technology, we bring you the best in reliability and safety too. Our Swegways are made from British design and are all fully certified under all British directives of safety.

Since we set up business in 2015, our goal has always been to supply the UK public with Hoverboards that are safe to use. We have since expanded our services nationwide throughout the UK with centres in the North and South of England.

Furthermore, HOVERBOARD PRO is the only Hoverboard specialist in the country with an exclusive Hoverboard Shop as well as an online store. So if you’re of those who prefer to pick a Hoverboard in person, then you’ve come to the right place. Customers are welcome to visit our Hoverboard retail store based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and see our amazing Hoverboards for sale in person.

With our latest Hoverboard deals and offers this Summer, we bring you the best Hoverboards for less! So don’t delay; purchase a Premium Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology TODAY and enjoy free next day delivery and 1-year warranty too!



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