Hoverboards from Argos: Are They Any Good?

Many looking for safe and reliable Hoverboards often have the opinion that Hoverboards from Argos are somehow safer or more reliable. So, is this true? In this article, we’ll discuss which Hoverboards from Argos are for sale and whether they are reliable, safe and good value for money.

Hoverboards from Argos

Argos is a large multi-million-pound company selling practically anything and everything. They essentially make their money through the ability to be the middle man between the supplier and buyer. Therefore, it’s not unusual for many customers thinking that whatever they sell is going to be reliable and safe. Unfortunately, however, this can be very far from the truth when it comes to buying Hoverboards from Argos.

The purpose of this article is to raise awareness and ensure that customers make an informed decision before purchasing cheap Hoverboards from Argos. For the purpose of this article, we will highlight one type of model that they sell; the Zinc Smart Hoverboard.

You may have already come across a story of a Mum’s terror as faulty Argos toy hoverboard ‘blew up her car just seconds before she leapt to safety’. This comes as no surprise to us. Unfortunately, Hoverboards from Argos is not on sale with reliability or safety in mind but rather to maximise profits.

Zinc Smart Hoverboards from Argos care more about healthy profit margins, unlike HOVERBOARD PRO who sell Hoverboards for sale with safety and reliability at the forefront of its business.

So, without further ado, Let’s explain what makes a Hoverboard from Argos very different to our premium Hoverboards for sale…

Unsafe Zinc Hoverboards from Argos

Unsafe Hoverboards UK from Argos

Unsafe Hoverboards for sale by Argos is nothing new. In fact, in 2015 Argos recalled their Hoverboards due to safety fears. So what makes their Hoverboards so cheap and unreliable? Ultimately, it comes down to the following reasons:

  • Hoverboards from Argos are sold to maximise profits. Due to this, Argos source cheap Hoverboards from wholesalers so that they can sell competitively while still making a healthy profit margin. In order for both Argos and the wholesalers to equally profit, they must each reduce their productions costs. Due to this, their Hoverboards are built using cheap components and are often consequently dangerously unreliable.
  • Zinc Hoverboards from Argos are built using dual circuits. Dual circuits are a cheaper method of a build for Hoverboards. Instead of having two gyroscopes feeding to a motherboard, they are instead built using 2 singular motherboards with built-in gyroscopes. This type of set up is found to be £70 cheaper to manufacture and is far less reliable than conventional Hoverboards for sale.
  • Batteries are NOT Samsung. Zinc Hoverboards use Chinese battery cells. This is another method of keeping their production costs as low as possible. As you know, Chinese batteries are less safe and less reliable.

So if you’re thinking of buying a reliable and safe Hoverboard, then think twice before purchasing Zinc Hoverboards from Argos. Want more information about Hoverboards from Argos? If so, please contact us. Our helpful Hoverboard specialists will be more than happy to assist you with all your needs.

Hoverboard Warranty

One of the key influencing factors of buying a Hoverboard from a store is the 12-month warranty service on offer. HOVERBOARD PRO prides itself in providing unmatched aftercare and 1-year warranty service. All that we require is your full name and postcode so that we can identify you as a loyal customer. So if you lose your receipt, you need not worry.

Unfortunately, Argos are notorious at being unable to assist you should you ever lose your receipt or proof of purchase. One of the many independent Hoverboard repairs we conduct on behalf of customers is due to customers losing their Hoverboard receipts from Argos.

Should you be able to confirm your purchase, Argos will refer you to Zinc in order to satisfy your warranty service. However, Zinc Hoverboards can be painstakingly difficult to communicate and liaise with.

HOVERBOARD-PRO Hoverboards for sale each come with our in-house warranty services. All our centres are UK-based and our telephone lines are open 24/7. We’re proud to offer an unmatched customer and aftercare service to all our customers. Should something go wrong with your Hoverboard then we’ll have it rectified at no cost to you, quickly and efficiently.

Want more information about our Hoverboard warranty service? If so, please give us a call on 0113 320 2299 and speak to one of our dedicated Hoverboard specialists.


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