Check out amazing Tiana’s latest Hoverboard Shopping Challenge! We had so much fun watching #TTSQUAD have the best time ever on their Hoverboards in ASDA.

Hoverboard Shopping Challenge UK Sale

We’ve never seen something quite like it! It’s innovative, fun and super-cool. Tiana and the rest of the #TTSQUAD showcase their Hoverboard skills in a huge supermarket race.

Usually we find all the cool stuff that Hoverboard riders do outside of England. However, we’ve finally come across one of our favourite Hoverboard challenges yes, and it’s right at home!

Tiana and Isla set themselves for a big showdown where they must adhere to the immediate instructions of the referee (the father). While mother holds the basket (the trolley) both Tiana and Isla race against each other to see who can get there first.

We had a great time watching this Hoverboard Shopping Challenge and can’t wait to see some more from them both. We’re sure that after watching this, those who haven’t yet got a Hoverboard will soon be tempted to purchase one as well.

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Hoverboard Shopping Challenge: Swegway Fun!

We had so much fun watching Tiana and Isla race against one another on their Swegways during their Hoverboard Shopping Challenge. It’s a family friendly way of enjoying your UK Swegway whilst also doing so much-needed supermarket shopping.

Mum and Dad give Tiana and Isla off-the-bat demands from their shopping list. It is then a race against the two of them to see who can find and put it in their mothers trolley first.

These videos are a series of many other Hoverboard tricks and challenges on the internet. We’re pretty sure that you may have done something similar yourselves. If so, why not share it with us? We’d love to showcase anything similar to the Supermarket Hoverboard Challenge on our blogs and social media.

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