It’s been two days since opening up our Pre-Order Hoverboard Sales. Since then, Hoverboards have been selling out faster than ever! Grab yours TODAY to avoid missing out.

Pre-Order Hoverboard sales UK

Our Pre-Order Hoverboard Sales event is everyone’s ideal Christmas shopping experience. Not only will you be able to secure yourself the best UK Hoverboards and Swegway exclusively from HOVERBOARD PRO. But you’ll also be able to receive a handful of perks to go along with it.

By pre-ordering your Hoverboard from, customers will receive a guaranteed Hoverboard of their choice. Furthermore, each Hoverboard will also get an extended Christmas warranty which begins from Xmas day. Due to this, customers can have the peace of mind while ensuring that their kids are full of smiles on Christmas day.

It’s only been two days since our Pre-Order Hoverboard Sales event began. However, we’re already seeing stock levels deplete as customers rush to take advantage of our early bird offers. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you and be sure to make it in before this sell-out event ends!

There’s so much to choose from and at we have it all. From the 6.5 inch Hoverboards through to our Mammoth Swegways, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The Pre-Order Hoverboard sales are selling out fast so grab yours before it’s too late!

Want some help choosing the perfect Hoverboard for you or your kids? if so, why not give our helpful team a call on 0113 320 2299. We’re always happy to help!


Pre-Order Hoverboard sales selling out fast

At HOVERBOARD-PRO.CO.UK all our Hoverboards are from UK Stock. However, instead of receiving your Hoverboard early and going against our Christmas Buying Guide, why not pre-order it so that you can secure yourself a Hoverboard as well as an extended warranty?

Many customers have previously been taking advantage of our Autumn Sales event but storing their Swegways until Xmas day. However, this may run the risk of depleting your battery if proper guidelines are not followed. Instead, we have opened up our Christmas Pre-Order Hoverboard Sales event to enable customers to secure themselves a Swegway nice and early.

Instead of receiving it right away, we will reserve the Hoverboard of your choice at our facility until the end of November. All Hoverboards that are pre-ordered from will receive their Hoverboards before the 30th November 2018. Furthermore, each Hoverboard received from our pre-order Hoverboard sales will enjoy an extended Christmas warranty which begins on Christmas day!

So what are you waiting for? Our Pre-Order Hoverboard Sales event is selling out fast! Secure yourself the best Hoverboards in the UK before it’s too late. See our vast range of Hoverboards for sale at our online shop here.