HOVERBOARD ZOMBIE: Amazing Halloween costume!

If this doesn’t make you smile then we don’t know what will! In the spirit of Halloween we come across a HOVERBOARD ZOMBIE kid on a Disco Swegway!

This is the most adorable thing we have seen all year! What is supposed to be scary is actually very cute. A video of a little child dressed up in his Halloween costume has been surfacing the internet lately. We’re going mad over it at HOVERBOARD PRO!

Dressing up as PennyWise this kid puts his amazing Disco Hoverboard to perfect use. Not only is the red colour of the Hoverboard a perfect combination to suit his outfit, but the lights create quite the spectacle.

During the video, the child is seen riding his Hoverboard throughout the San Antonio Zombie Walk. Later in the video, the child is then seen to attract more attention as he jumps off his Hoverboard and does a little dance!

Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

HOVERBOARD Zombie Halloween Kid

Similar to the 8-year old we wrote about in a previous article, this kid is spot on with his Hoverboard Zombie Halloween costume. Whizzing around in his 6.5 inch Disco Hoverboard in blood-sucking-red, this kid shows off his skills on and off the Hoverboard.

Watch the video above as he attracts a crowd of people in the true spirit of Halloween!

Have you used a Hoverboard this Halloween to complete your outfit? if so, we’d love to see it in action. Send us a photo or video of your Zombie Halloween outfit or similar for a chance to be featured on our website and social media.

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