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If you’re looking for a reliable Hoverboard for sale then look no further. Shop reliable Hoverboards for sale made from British design. We’re the UK’s more trustworthy and reliable Hoverboard shop selling premium boards for sale.

Shop Reliable Hoverboards for Sale UK

Many of you are looking to buy Hoverboards for your children this Christmas. However, with so many online retailers it can be a bit of a minefield. Especially the case that these days you’ll notice that there are one too many sites. Unfortunately, the UK Hoverboard market is riddled with hoax sellers and knock-off Swegways and Hoverboards for sale.

Not the fear, though. HOVERBOARD PRO HOVERBOARDS UK is the UK largest independent retailer of British design Hoverboards for sale. We’re the longest-running Swegway company in the UK specialising in premium Hoverboards for sale made from British design.

So if you’re looking to buy a Hoverboard for your child this Christmas then look no further. We’re the only Hoverboard company in the UK to provide customers with 100% peace of mind and an unmatched aftercare service.

Before you go looking for that perfect Hoverboard, we should highlight to you some essential things to watch out for:

  1. Not all Hoverboards are the same
  2. The internet is full of cheap knock-off Hoverboards that are often dangerous to use
  3. Online Hoverboard sellers are usually operating from their bedroom and may not be as legitimate as they seem

So in order to not fall into the trap of purchasing a cheap knock-off Hoverboard from a dodgy seller, we always ask customers to firstly do their due diligence. Take a look at the article Good Hoverboard Company for more information on how you can avoid this from happening to you.

Shop Our Reliable Hoverboards for Sale

Shop Reliable Hoverboards Sale UK

Unlike the many sellers who drop-ship their products to you from abroad, we’re a wholly UK-based Hoverboard Shop. This means that we are proud to be British from the ground up. Our Hoverboard shop is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Furthermore, we have a large fulfilment facility based in Barking, Essex. Furthermore, our Hoverboards are made from British design. Each Hoverboard is then independently tested and verified under all British directives of safety.

Our official HOVERBOARD is the reason we do so well. We ensure that every Hoverboard for sale is reliable and safe. Furthermore, our customer service operates 24/7 to help answer customer queries and provide on-demand information to our lovely customers. Take a look at our excellent Hoverboard reviews from our delighted customers!

For more information about our Hoverboard shoop and our reliable Hoverboards for sale then get in touch! Speak to one of our professional Hoverboard engineers and customer service team in 0113 320 2299.

Hoverboards UK

Reliable Hoverboards UK Sale

Not all Hoverboards for sale are reliable and safe. In fact, the majority of sellers online are offering customers with cheap knock-off Hoverboards without any due care or attention to the consumer.

At HOVERBOARD PRO, we’re proud to provide the best Hoverboards in the UK. Simply put, we ensure that each Hoverboard is above and beyond the benchmarks set to guarantee 100% reliability and safety throughout.

Similarly to mobile phones, gadgets and toys, all Hoverboards are made in China. However, it is up to the vendor (sellers just like ourselves and others) as to what kind of materials are used, how safe these materials are and whether or not they are certified here in the UK for safety.

At HOVERBOARD PRO, we design our own Hoverboards for sale. We then oversee the entire manufacturing process to ensure that our designs are implemented to the tee. Thereafter, once our Hoverboards are in the UK we have them independently verified and tested under all British directives of safety.

Our Hoverboards have acquired the most prestigious safety certifications right here on British turf. This includes UL, CE, RoHS, MSDS, CASS UK and more. So if you’re looking to shop reliable Hoverboards for sale then look no further than HOVERBOARD PRO HOVERBOARDS UK.

Extended Christmas Hoverboard Warranty

Buying Hoverboards UK for Christmas Warranty

Looking at buying Hoverboards for Christmas? if so, we’re giving away the best deals on Hoverboards with an extended Christmas warranty! Purchase a Hoverboard today to automatically receive and extended Christmas warranty on every Hoverboard you purchase from today.

This means that your Hoverboards 1-year warranty will begin from Christmas day rather than the day of purchase. So should in the unlikely event something goes wrong, then you have the peace of mind that your Hoverboard is covered for longer.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our amazing Hoverboard deals exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO!


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