Not All UK HOVERBOARDS are From UK Stock

Did you know that not all UK Hoverboards for sale are from UK Stock? In fact, the majority of online sellers are dropshipping cheap knock-off Hoverboards directly to you.

UK Hoverboards for sale from UK Stock

Many UK Hoverboard sellers describe their Swegways to be ‘UK’ certified. This is often very far from the truth. Over the last 5 years at HOVERBOARD PRO, we’ve come to learn that many hoax companies are falsely claiming to have genuine Hoverboards for sale, allegedly from UK Stock.

While we may not be the cheapest Hovebroard seller, we certainly stock the best UK Hoverboards for sale. Many hoax companies selling cheap knock-off Hoverboards can maintain extremely low prices for several reasons. The ways they do this can cause dangerous consequences to the safety of the rider. Examples of such ways that cheap Hoverboard sellers can sell you at super low prices include:

  1. Cheap and unreliable PCB components and circuits. Websites such as “UKSegboards” have also been known to supply ‘dual-circuit’ Hoverboards that are extremely unreliable.
  2. Cheap and dangerous lithium-ion batteries. These will not be Samsung and will likely not last you very long. In some cases, these have been known to cause house fires!
  3. Dangerous chargers
  4. They DO NOT have their Hoverboards independently certified in the UK. Instead, the Chinese factories will issue false ‘Chinese’ certifications on their behalf
  5. They operate on a drop-shipping method with the factory. Therefore, delivery times are misrepresented and the seller does not get to see or inspect the Hoverboard prior to having it delivered to you. In fact, the factory will send the Hoverboard directly to the end-user with no quality control whatsoever.

Want more information about how not all UK Hoverboards are from UK Stock? If so, please contact us on 0113 320 2299 to speak to one of our professional Hoverboard representatives today.

UK Hoverboards from UK Stock

Not all UK Hoverboards from UK Stock

At HOVERBOARD PRO we do things differently. Each UK Hoverboard we sell you is 100% from UK STOCK. In fact, we design our very own Hoverboards for sale to ensure 100% guaranteed reliability and safety throughout. Furthermore, our Hoverboard specialists visit the factories in-person to ensure that our designs are fully implemented. Our quality control begins right from the start during the manufacturing stages of our business.

Our motherboard and gyroscopic components are made using the best PCB systems available on the market today. We ensure that the materials used as well as the build itself is of the highest benchmark of quality, safety and reliability.

Our UK Hoverboards for sale also include genuine Samsung Lithium-ion Batteries that are fully certified under British directives of safety. Our batteries are safe and reliable and we’re very proud to offer the best in the market today. Furthermore, each Hoverboard comes with our UL chargers that are safe, reliable and fast-charging.

As soon as our Hoverboards arrive here in the UK, we have each one independently tested and verified under all British directives of safety. We have acquired the most prestigious certifications including CE, RoHS, Cass UK and UL certificates. Each one verified the authenticity of our UK Hoverboards for sale from UK Stock.

Hoverboards for Sale

UK Hoverboards from UK Stock Sale

All our UK Hoverboards for sale are 100% from UK STOCK. We simply do not drop-ship our Hoverboards from anywhere outside of England. Customers can but a UK Hoverboards with confidence. Each Hoverboard is from UK Stock with 1-year UK warranty.

Due to this, HOVERBOARD PRO has the fastest delivery lead-times in the country. Purchase a Hoverboard today from our Hoverboard Shop and we’ll have it delivered to your door by the very next day!

Our ethos is simple yet effective and unique. We provide an unmatched product alongside an unmatched service. With the highest benchmarks of quality, safety and reliability alongside the best customer service in the country. There’s no wonder why we are the UK’s largest independent retailers of premium UK Hoverboards for sale from British design and UK stock.

If you would like more information about how to identify a Good Hoverboard company, why not get in touch? Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use our Live Chat service at the bottom right side of our homepage.

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