Black Friday UK Hoverboard Deals

You’ve come to the right place for the best Black Friday UK Hoverboard deals on Premium UK Hoverboards for sale. Only at HOVERBOARD

Black Friday UK Hoverboard Deals

Black Friday in the UK is upon us and bringing with it the best Black Friday UK Hoverboard deals. So if you’re looking for that best Black Friday Hoverboard deals, then look no further and visit our online store.

HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s No.1 direct supplier of high quality premium Hoverboards for sale. We cater for customers looking for that perfect gift for themselves or for their loved ones while safety, reliability and quality is at their priority.

We are a UK-based company specialising in Hoverboards from British Design. Order a Hoverboard today and get FREE next day delivery and 12 month warranty included. With Christmas around the corner you don’t want to miss out. Take advantage of the amazing Black Friday UK Hoverboard deals on all Swegways and electric scooters for sale and secure this years must have present.

For extra peace of mind we’re giving all Hoverboard customers an extended Christmas warranty! Purchase a Hoverboard today and your 12 month warranty will instead begin on Xmas day.

Want more information about our Black Friday UK Hoverboard Deals? if so, please get in touch by calling our 24/7 help line on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service below.

Black Friday Swegways UK

Black Friday Swegways UK Hoverboard Sale

We all love a great deal, especially those incredible offers that only come around on Black Friday. So if you’re looking for a Hoverboard or Swegway then take advantage of these best Black Friday Swegways UK deals on the internet.

This Black Friday, Swegways are no doubt the hottest gadget three years running. You’ve seen them all over social media. You know they’re cool, but unless you’ve tried one for yourself you don’t know how fun they are. Once you get on you won’t want to get off! Parents who purchase these for their kids end up playing on it while they’re in school!

We are an official Black Friday Hoverboard and UK Swegway supplier. We manufacture for the UK consumer and don’t sell Hoverboards to anyone else. So when you buy with us you benefit from 1 year warranty, free next day delivery, a high quality UK Swegway with genuine Samsung batteries, UL charging adaptor and full certifications complying with British Standards and an exceptional 24/7 aftercare service.

Want more information about our Black Friday Swegways UK? if so please use our Live Chat service below or call our 24/7 help line on 0113 320 2299.

Black Friday Hoverboards for Sale UK

Black Friday Hoverboards for sale UK

No doubt our Hoverboards for sale top many Christmas wish lists this year. So get your hands on this year’s hottest selling gadget before time is up! There’s no better time to do it than on our Black Friday Hoverboards sale. Take advantage of the amazing Black Friday Hoverboards for sale by visiting our online shop or popping in to our retail store in Leeds!

By purchasing from HOVERBOARD PRO you’re not only getting a great deal, but also peace of mind. We’re an official British Hoverboard company selling the highest quality Hoverboards made from UK Design. Read this excellent article about what makes a Good Hoverboard Company here.

We have a 24-hour dedicated support line, offer free next day delivery and all our Hoverboards come with 1-year warranty. Purchase a UK Swegway and Hoverboard during this Black Friday Hoverboard  Sale and get an extended Christmas warranty too!

Black Friday UK Swegway Deals

Black Friday UK Swegway Deals

The weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season and UK self balancing board Swegway deals. With Christmas around the corner it’s time to get those gifts sorted out. However, if you haven’t yet done so it’s still not too late!

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to get the perfect Black Friday UK Swegway deals. There’s no better Hoverboard deals out there on Premium quality British designed Self-balancing Hoverboards than our Black Friday UK Swegway deal.

Visit our online shop to see the massive saving you’ll make on the hottest must have gift this year. Take advantage of this great offer and secure that perfect present for your loved ones.

We are the UK’s most reputable sellers of high quality self-balancing Hoverboards! All our self-balancing boards come with 1 year warranty, Samsung batteries and UL certified chargers.

What’s more is that you’ll benefit from free next day delivery and an exceptional aftercare service. Visit our online shop to get yours while stocks last or visit tour Leeds store today!

Black Friday UK: Hoverboard Deals

Hoverboards are all the rage on Black Friday and there’s no gadget out there that people are going crazy for like a UK Swegway.

Since this gadget came on the scene in 2015 it has taken the world by storm. Now every kid is wanting a Hoverboard for Christmas! Luckily for you however, HOVERBOARD PRO are bringing you the best Black Friday UK Hoverboard deals for both online and in-store.

Hoverboards are a cross between the large handle bar Segway and a Skateboard. For more information about the difference between a Hoverboard and a Segway click here. this gadget is too cool for school. The attention you get riding on them is incredible, with its futuristic look and graceful glide. You’ll feel like you’re from the future hovering around controlling this amazing piece of technology with your mind. Click here to check out how it works and how to ride a Hoverboard.

Black Friday UK Hoverboard deals don’t get any better than this! Jump on the bandwagon, or Hoverboard in this case and visit our Swegway Shop to get your hands on the best Black Friday UK Hoverboard gadget deals on the internet.

Black Friday UK Deals


Black Friday UK Hoverboard Deals

You don’t have to push and shove this Black Friday to get your hands on the best Premium Hoverboard deals. You can get yourself or your loved ones that must-have present this year from the comfort of your home. Visit our online shop to get the best online deals on Hoverboards for sale throughout the UK. However, if you prefer to visit our Hoverboard shop then you’re more than welcome. Come say hello at our Hoverboard centre based in our home-town of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

129a Hyde Park Road
West Yorkshire

tel. 0113 320 2299

We are the an independent reputable UK Hoverboard supplier. Therefore, all our Hoverboards are made from British design and made bespoke for the UK market. Each of our Hoverboards for sale are full certified under British directives of safety. Our Swegways come with Samsung batteries and UL certified chargers.

Purchase a Hoverboard TODAY and benefit from our great Black Friday UK deals.


Also check out our awesome selection of other safe and tested Hoverboards here.

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