Buying Hoverboards UK: A Simple Guide

In this article, we offer a simple guide to buying Hoverboards in the UK. With so many Hoverboards for sale on the internet, we guide you through making the right choice. That way, you’re sure to receive a good quality Hoverboard from a good Hoverboard company.

Guide to Buying Hoverboards UK

When buying Hoverboards, many customers become attracted to cheap prices. While this is OK with some products, it is a dangerous path to take with Hoverboards. Hoverboards are made up of electrical components and 21-cell lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, it’s easy to purchase cheap Hoverboards which are made from cheap and often dangerous components if you’re not careful.

You’re probably buying a Hoverboard for your child. If so, then it makes more sense to ensure that the item you are buying is of good quality, safe and reliable. We’re confident that as a parent, you’d want to put the safety of your child on a Hoverboard first.

With the internet opening up the floodgates of bad quality Hoverboards, we think it’s only right to provide our UK public with a simple guide to buying Hoverboards.

So without further delay, let’s start guiding you through to the best way you should buy your Hoverboard online.

Guide to Buying Hoverboards

HOVERBOARDS UK Guide to buying

You may be wondering which direction to take when looking at buying Hoverboards for the first time. To make life a little more simple for you, we’re offering this simple guide to buying Hoverboards online.

Firstly, customers should know that not all Hoverboards are the same. Therefore, it is vital that customers understand the implications of purchasing cheap knock-off Hoverboards for sale online. For more information about this, take a look at the article “5 things you need to know about Hoverboards“.

When looking at buying Hoverboards online, here are the few things you need to do:

  1. Make sure that you are browsing a British website
  2. Be sure that the company is UK and VAT registered – Selling in GBP isn’t enough!
  3. Be sure that the company has a Hoverboard retail shop and is not just online-based unless they can prove where they are
  4. Make sure that they have a UK landline of which THEY ANSWER if you call them
  5. Quiz them about their product and gain as much information about the safety and reliability aspect of their Hoverboards for sale
  6. Understand their product and service and be sure that they provide an in-house warranty service – UK BASED!

The above-mentioned points are only scratching the surface when identifying whether you should or should not buy a Hoverboard from them. We have previously written many articles highlighting the do’s and don’ts when buying Hoverboards online in the UK. We will highlight these articles at the bottom of this article should you wish to read more.

Buying Hoverboards From British Websites

Buying Hoverboards UK British websites

We’re pretty sure that when you’re looking for Hoverboards online, you’re searching for British websites. However, unfortunately, many hoax foreign-based websites known that you do this as well. Due to this, they are working pretty hard to mask the fact that they are not UK-Based and are acting as if they are.

This is why customers looking at buying Hoverboards from British websites need to be extra vigilant. We have reports of some customers purchasing a Hoverboard by clicking on an Ad (pay per click) website at the top of Google. These websites are often not genuine enough to organically appear at the top of natural search results. Therefore, they pay Google a fee to advertise at the top. So if you see the word “Ad” next to a search result, keep away.

This is also one of the reasons why we recommend purchasing from a company who also has a physical retail shop. It is very unlikely that a hoax website will have enough ground here in the UK to also maintain a physical Hoverboard shop.

Registered UK Hoverboard Company

Registered UK Hoverboard Company

Most cheap Hoverboard companies selling fake knock-off Hoverboards for sale are not registered as a company in England and Wales. if you come across a website selling cheap Hoverboards and is not UK-registered as a business then stay away.

The same goes for VAT registration. It only takes an average of 40 Hoverboard sales a year to reach the VAT threshold. If a company is not VAT registered then it is very likely that they are not declaring their sales. Keep away!

Hoverboard Retail Shop

UK Hoverboard Shop

Most online Hoverboard sellers are drop-shipping their cheap Hoverboards from abroad. It is important that customers are able to identify which of these sellers are good and which are not before buying Hoverboards in the UK.

One of the major factors in identifying a hoax Hoverboard seller is whether or not they have a physical Hoverboard retail shop. Retail shops are a permanent base whereby customers are able to visit should they require personal face-to-face assistance for any reason whatsoever.

Buying Hoverboards online from a place that is solely online can be very risky. Online sellers are known to often disappear, without any recompense or trace. Buying Hoverboards from a reputable seller almost certainly means that they also have a physical retail store.

Hoverboards With The Best Customer Service

Trustworthy Hoverboards for sale, best UK Swegways service

Buying Hoverboards in the UK can often be a daunting task. This is especially if you don’t know much about them in the first place. Good Hoverboard companies who are reputable enough should always be on-hand to offer guidance.

Hoverboard sellers such as HOVERBOARD PRO provide 24-hour customer service for all customers needing help and advice. Furthermore, they offer a special Live Chat service on their website which can be found at the bottom right-hand side of this page.

Most fake foreign-based Hoverboard sellers do not have contact telephone numbers. If they do, it is unlikely that they will answer. If they do answer, then it is likely that they are using an online VoIP system. You can usually figure out if they are foreign by their voice, lack of knowledge of the local area and other identifying factors which will be obvious to you at the time.

When you’re finally able to speak to them, quiz them about their product. Be sure that you know enough about their Hoverboards to the point that you become confident in buying Hoverboards from them. Be sure to ask them about the safety and reliability aspect of their boards. They must be able to provide proof and explain the make-up of their Self-Balancing Scooters with expert detail.

UK Hoverboard Warranty

Warranty Hoverboard Swegways UKWhen you’re buying Hoverboards online, be sure that the company you are purchasing from offers genuine UK Hoverboard Warranty. The average warranty period for Hoverboards is usually 1 year.

However, be mindful that some Hoverboard companies only offer a manufacturers warranty. This can be problematic to UK consumers as it would require you to ship the item abroad for the factory to conduct their repair services.

HOVERBOARD PRO provide genuine 12-month in-house Hoverboard warranty services. Due to this, customers who purchase Hoverboards from HOVERBOARD PRO have no requirement to send the board abroad. HOVERBOARD PRO is a wholly UK-Based company with UK service centres. Therefore, the turnaround rate for repairs is usually within 3 working days.

Want more information about buying Hoverboards in the UK? If so, please contact us. Our helpful Hoverboard engineers are on-hand to answer all your queries.


We hope that you found this simple guide to buying Hoverboards online helpful!


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