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Here at we receive a lot of questions about UK Swegway Hoverboards. They’ve been one of the biggest electronic trends for the last few years. Hoverboards are also known as Swegways or Smartboards.

You may be wondering: what’s all the hype about? read on to find out more about the item that is one of this generation’s hottest products.


What are UK Swegway Hoverboards?

Swegway Hoverboards UK

First you may ask: what is a UK Hoverboard anyway? Most simply, they are boards with a wheel on either side. The user stands on the board and leans forward to go forward or shifts one foot forward and the other back to go either left or right. Each wheel has its own motor and the Swegway can reach a maximum speed of 12-15km/h. The boards are self-balancing, which helps the user stay upright and get used to the movement of the Swegway. There are three models of Hoverboards:

  1. Classic: This Hoverboard was the first of its kind, having 6” hardwearing tires. New users will likely find this one the easiest to use. Colours include both classic and chrome ranges. You can also choose whether or not you would like built-in Bluetooth speakers included.
  2. Lambo: This swegway has all of the features of the Classic plus some. The tires on this model are 8” and every Lambo Swegway comes with Bluetooth speakers included.
  3. Mammoth: The Mammoth swegway is the newest and biggest of all the available models. The tires on this Hoverboard are 10” and inflatable rather hardwearing, which makes them better for off-road riding. All current Mammoth UK Swegway Hoverboards also come equipped with Bluetooth speakers.

Of course, there is a lot more to each of these UK Swegway Hoverboards than these small summaries. We have more in-depth reviews of all three models in previous news posts. Each UK Hoverboard has different pros and cons, so you should look into all of their details before deciding on which is the best one to fit your needs.


UK Swegways

UK Swegways

Next is another big question: why buy UK Swegways & Hoverboards? This is really up to personal preference. Some people might get one to learn cool tricks or to have something new to play with when their friends come around. Others still just want a new and interesting way to get around.

These are all great reasons to purchase Swegway Hoverboards for yourself.

Other reasons people purchase our wonderful UK Swegways is that they’re interested in buying it as a gift for someone else. That is also a fantastic reason as Swegways are great gifts! Whoever receives it is sure to be very excited to use it and show all their friends their cool new UK Hoverboard. Our UK Swegways also make great gifts because they are safe and reliable. You can feel better knowing that the receiver of the gift is using the highest quality, safest UK Swegway Hoverboards on the market today. This also means that it is much less likely that the Swegway will need repairs, which is less work for you! If we have you convinced now, go ahead to our next section where we talk about where to buy UK Swegways & Hoverboards.


UK Hoverboards

UK Hoverboards

Now you know more reasons to buy a UK hoverboard. Next, you need to choose which company in particular to put your trust in. We believe that is the best answer to this question. Here’s our reasons why:

  1. We offer the highest quality UK Swegways available anywhere. This is arguably the most important reason to consider when choosing which UK Hoverboards to buy. Our Swegways use only the best materials on the market to provide the best in both safety and reliability. We were also the first UK Hoverboard company to adopt this level of credibility with our customers. Others may have followed and attempted to provide our level of quality and service, but we were the only ones to take advocate quality, safety and customer needs from day one, providing a benchmark for others to follow.
  2. Our UK Hoverboards are still affordable without compromising quality. In your search for a Hoverboard, you may have come across something that seemed like an amazing deal but was actually a scam or a very poor quality Hoverboard. We don’t ever sell bottom-of-the-barrel Swegways that are made with the cheap materials for a quick buck. All of our UK Hoverboards are fairly priced. Actually, right now is a fantastic time to buy one of our UK Swegway Hoverboards as we have our Spring Flash Sale going on with our lowest prices of the year.
  3. We have fantastic reliability but if something does go wrong, then we have a one year warranty included on each Hoverboard. Between that and our great in-house repairs service you are sure to be satisfied even if something does go wrong.
  4. We provide free next day delivery. Because we are based in the UK, our shipping is incredibly fast. This is great if you need a last minute gift or just want your new Hoverboard right away.
  5. Piece of mind. When importing Hoverboards from other countries, you can’t know exactly what parts they are using or what the quality of those parts are. Buying off a website with many suppliers, like Amazon, still leaves you in the dark. You could get a low quality product because you don’t know exactly what company it’s coming from, if it even arrives at all. More often than not, these products are drop-shipped directly from China without any due care or attention to the safety of the UK Consumer. There are many companies and individuals who claim to carry high quality Hoverboards but actually use substandard materials. When it comes to purchasing a proper UK Swegway or Hoverboard, you can really only put your faith in a reputable UK Hoverboard company such as ours.


Hopefully you’re now well-versed on all things Hoverboard and are ready to jump right in. If that’s the case, click on our shop to see our incredible range of UK Swegway Hoverboards!



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