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This Black Friday we have the best UK Swegways for sale at our lowest prices ever! The Black Friday Hoverboards on sale are exclusive to We have the largest ever stock with various designs and models available to choose from. We make finding the perfect Christmas gift easier than ever. Simply choose the model and colour of your choice and proceed directly through to the checkout. All our sales prices are reduced at the shop level so you don’t have to enter any tricky codes.

This Black Friday 2018 we have amazing Hoverboard deals. Whether it is for yourself or loved ones, we have you covered. If you’re after the best Black Friday Hoverboards on sale then you’ve come to the right place. All our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale are from UK Design and manufactured with the UK consumer in mind. Therefore, we are able to guarantee the safety and authenticity of our Hoverboards from the ground up.

We are like no other Hoverboard company. Established in 2015 right here in Leeds, West Yorkshire we have quickly grown to become the largest UK Hoverboard specialist nationwide. With amazing customer service, 24/7 support and exceptional Hoverboards there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

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Black Friday Hoverboards


This Black Friday Event we have in-store and online the best Black Friday Hoverboards the UK has seen. In this article we will highlight some of our most exclusive Swegways for sale and review their potential. That way, we hope that customers are able to make an informed decision about which Hoverboard and wheel size to choose between.

Classic Black Friday Hoverboards UK

M1 Classic Red HOVERBOARD Sale UK Swegways

Our Classic Black Friday Hoverboards for sale are the cheapest of the Swegway range. However, don’t let the prices fool you. These excellent Hoverboards are made from the most premium components and are bespoke designed for UK consumers. With built-in Bluetooth speakers and a beautiful metallic finish, they’re simply the best-selling Hoverboards around.

The 6.5 inch Black Friday Hoverboards are the smallest of the Swegway range. However, the Classic Hoverboards are still capable of both indoor and outdoor use due to their strong solid 6.5 inch rubber tyres and powerful wheel motors. However, we advise that this model is used on flat and even surfaces only. Please note that the Hoverboard is NOT waterproof and contact with wet or damp surfaces may cause water ingress damage to the internal circuits of the Hoverboard.

Want to purchase one of our Classic Black Friday Hoverboards? If so, take a look at the full range of our 6.5 inch Classic UK Swegways for sale here.

Disco Black Friday Hoverboards UK

Hoverboard for Sale UK M1X pink galaxy Disco Swegway

The Disco Black Friday Hoverboards for sale are the most popular of the 6.5 inch range and for good reason! Made from exclusive UK design we bring you the most sought-after Hoverboard. Similar size to the Classic Hoverboard but with a twist. Not only do the Disco Hoverboard have the same bright and beautiful LED designs at the front, but with added Disco LED lights around the wheels too!

These funky LED lights flash red, green and blue when being ridden on, turning heads wherever you go. Unlike the Classic Swegway range, these Hoverboards come in a much wider range of colours and designs to choose from. Hurry, however as these prices are exclusive to Black Friday we urge customers to purchase them while stocks last.

With our amazing auto-levelling technology, you can wow your friends and family at the magic this Hoverboard brings to your home. Now with up to 50% off our original prices customers can get the best UK certified and approved Hoverboards for less.

Purchase the Premium Disco Hoverboard and other Black Friday Hoverboards from the DISCO Swegway range here.

Hummer Black Friday Hoverboards

Hoverboard Sale UK Hummer Off-Road X-Trail H8 red-camo

The 8.5 inch Hummer Black Friday Hoverboards are our most robust Swegways yet. Designed with the UK terrain and weather in mind, there’s no other Hoverboard quite like it. Due to its wide off-road solid rubber tyres and robust frame, this Hummer Hoverboard is as strong as it looks.

We’ve always proudly expressed our love for this 8.5 inch X-Trail model. It’s the best all-round Hoverboard and comes packed with all the extra features a Hoverboard could ever have. If you’re looking to use your Hoverboard mostly outdoors then this Swegway is the best one for you. Due to its IP54 water-resistant grading it offers that extra layer of protection that no other Hoverboard model can offer.

Now with beautiful camouflage designs, you can whizz about in the most beautiful Hoverboard on the market today and turn heads wherever you go!

Tackle those bumpy paths with the most powerful Hoverboard for sale. Take a look at our full range of Hummer Black Friday Hoverboards for sale here.

Mammoth Black Friday Hoverboards

Hoverboard Sale UK X10 Mammoth Flame

Do you intend to ride your Hoverboard on bumpy paths? If so, then the Mammoth Black Friday Hoverboards are for you! The 10-inch Mammoth Hoverboard for sale is the only model with inflatable tyres. It’s the largest of the Hoverboard family, offering the greatest ground clearance than any other Swegway model on sale.

Although this Hoverboard does not offer the same IP54 protection as the HUMMER, it is indeed special. The Hummer Hoverboard tackles bumpy ground so smoothly that you won’t even notice it below you!

Glide across smoothly on the 10-inch Hoverboard with such charm. Now you can choose from a wide variety of exclusive designs! Get your Mammoth Black Friday Hoverboard with up to 50% off its original value. Premium Hoverboards for less!

Take a look at the full range of 10 inch Mammoth Hoverboards here.

Black Friday Hoverboard Deals

Pink-Camo Off-Road Hoverboard Hoverkart sale UK

This year our Black Friday Hoverboard deals are better than ever! Why not combine your Hoverboard purchase with a Hoverkart and carrier case? Make your children’s Christmas even more special this year by allowing them to convert their Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart.

Rather than purchasing a Hoverboard and Hoverkart separately, we’re bundling them together in to one single purchase saving you even more this Black Friday. Watch your kids smile this Christmas as they get a double surprise and enjoy twice the fun on their Swegway!

Take a look at our Black Friday Hoverboard and Hoverkart bundle deals here.

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