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Our most frequently asked question is on Hoverboards UK Law. In this article, we will explain where you can ride Hoverboards in the UK and its legalities. Most customers searching Hoverboards for sale are often anxious about where they can ride them.

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If you’re reading this article then it is very likely that you’ve been trying to find out the truth regarding the Hoverboards UK law on riding them in public. You may have heard that it is illegal to ride Hoverboards in the UK. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is that yes, it is illegal to ride Hoverboards on UK roads. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the Hoverboard anywhere else.

Don’t let Hoverboards UK Law affect the way that you enjoy your Hoverboard. All is not lost when it comes to taking out your Hoverboard outdoors. In fact, many customers are still riding their Hoverboards outdoors. However, it all comes down to where you can ride your UK Hoverboard.

Here are a number of places that YOU CANNOT ride your Hoverboard due to the Law:

  • Public roads
  • Public footpaths

Here are places that YOU CAN ride Hoverboards:

  • In your home
  • Private gardens
  • Private parks
  • Swegway parks

Until then, please refrain from riding Hoverboards in the prohibited areas, for your own safety. Instead, you can continue enjoying Hoverboards in the areas that are legal to ride. Having said this, we do hear of the possibilities that some Electric Scooter and Hoverboards UK Law’s relaxing.

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Hoverboards UK Law: will it get you arrested?

Hoverboards are illegal to ride in the UK on public roads. However, while this age-old law is still in force, will it still get you arrested? We don’t recommend that you try it. At the moment we believe that it is dangerous to ride Hoverboards on UK roads regardless of Hoverboards UK Laws.

In the near future, we do believe that the UK Law on Hoverboards will eventually relax. However, this is only after certain regulations on roads make riding Hoverboards in public safer to do so.

For example, Electric Scooters are now becoming the next craze with young professionals commuting to and from work in London daily. While it is still illegal to use Electric Scooters in public, it is almost impossible to arrest everyone due to the volume of people doing this today. Furthermore, the environmental pressures of allowing eco-friendly means of travel has added extra pressure on councils to allow the use of Electric Scooters on UK roads.

Due to this, councils are looking at ways to reduce the risk of riders on private pathways and cycle lanes in order to eventually relax the law. For this to happen, however, manufacturers must first improve their safety features. Councils will need to enforce certain laws on manufacturing companies and sellers so that the safety features on Hoverboards and Electric Scooters are improved overall.

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